Fort Lauderdale ED Treatment Sexual Dysfunction PE Therapy Services Launched

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The best South Florida men’s clinic, Concierge Men’s Wellness, just released an updated on individualized treatment of all kind of sexual dysfunction including ED, PE and Low T. Free consultation.

Concierge Men’s Wellness, a men’s health clinic based in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, released an updated range of treatments for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other types of sexual dysfunction. The clinic is led by Doctor Jose V Coba, a board-certified anti-aging physician with extensive experience helping men overcome ED and other conditions by tackling the underlying causes.

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The latest announcement aims to provide men with a confidential and effective solution to all types of sexual dysfunction. Various studies report that between 40 and 60 percent of men experience one or more conditions preventing a healthy sexual life, with ED being the most common issue.

The clinic provides high-quality treatments adapted to the needs of each patient. The medical staff works closely with each client to identify the root causes of their sexual dysfunction and create a custom treatment plan that can help them overcome ED, PE, low testosterone and other conditions.

Concierge Men’s Wellness explains that the causes of male sexual dysfunction are numerous and can be both psychological and physiological. Psychological factors include concern about sexual performance, depression, stress, anxiety and self-esteem issues. Health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and urological infections can also have a negative effect on sexual performance.

Depending on the causes of their conditions, patients can experience substantial improvements after just a single visit. All treatment plans are optimized to ensure that patients regain their sexual health as early as possible.

Appointments can be made both over the phone at (954) 513-4646 and online at All appointments are discreet and confidential, the clinic only scheduling a limited number of patients to ensure high standards of privacy.

With the latest announcement, Concierge Men’s Wellness continues to expand its range of high-quality men’s health services for patients in Lauderdale Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and the surrounding areas.

A satisfied client said: “My erectile dysfunction kept destroying my relationships but thanks to Doctor Coba and the excellent staff at Concierge Men’s, I can feel confident in having the chance for a lasting relationship.”

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