Getting Better Holiday Photos With Your Smart Phone

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( — November 4, 2020) —

The smart phone has changed our lives in so many ways, and one of the unexpected results was what it has done to the world of photography. 20 years ago, most people had little expectation of taking remarkable photos. That was something that happened to talented amateurs and professionals. Most people had a camera, but it was frequently forgotten, so most of the great photo opportunities remained uncaptured. Now, almost everyone has a high-quality camera with them all the time. Total amateurs are capturing great photos these days, because they are prepared, and because the cameras do a lot of work for you. But there are still things you can do to improve your holiday photos.

  • Composition: Because our phones are super intelligent, we know longer need to worry about things like calculating backlight, apertures, and shutter speeds. Mostly we have three controls available to us. Composition, angle of view (amount of zoom), and timing. Of the three composition is the most important. Something people fail to do over and over is consider the whole scene. If you are in a beautiful location, like the Angourie Resort in Yamba NSW, your goal should be to capture  the essence of the place, not just the objects. Take your time to see the whole picture. Put subjects in a part of the frame where they balance with the background. This is something you can do instinctively; you must train yourself to consider everything and have the patience to make it right.


  • Zooming: This is a place where many people ruin their photos. Zooming is good when you want to see something up close, but it rarely improves the composition. Zooming too much will reduce the amount of light entering the camera, making the camera compensate by adjusting the sensitivity and therefore lowering the picture quality. It also increases the amount of camera shake which will give you blurry images when they could have been sharper. Zooming has its place, but use it sparingly. People usually want to see the location of your holiday, not the closeups.


  • Reviewing: Professional photographers take their time. They assess the scene, frame the picture, and then they take shot after shot. And each time, they look and analyse what the shot looks like, and then they make an adjustment and shoot again. When you are taking your holiday pictures, don’t get caught up in the excitement of what’s going on. Take your time and get the right shot.


  • Shoot from a Stable Platform: Using a tripod or bracing yourself against a solid object as you take your photos will always result in better photos. Eliminating motion will give you sharper photographs, and it will also help you to frame the object and get the right composition.

Holidays are a moment in time, once they are gone, all you have are your photos and videos. If you want to have the kind of photos that really capture the wonder of the resort you visited, then follow some of these guidelines. And above all, take your time and make the picture work.