London UK Dog Nutritionist Homemade Food Recipes For Golden Retriever Launched

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London canine nutrition company The Dog Nutritionist launched homemade recipes for golden retrievers. The new recipes provide healthier food alternatives to unhealthy processed dog food.

London, United Kingdom canine nutrition company The Dog Nutritionist released homemade recipes for golden retriever dog breeds. The company promotes dog health through natural raw food recipes.

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The new recipes aim to provide healthier food alternatives for golden retriever canine breeds. According to Cam Wimble, owner of The Dog Nutritionist, golden retriever dog owners have been deceived into thinking that kibble is good for their dogs when it is actually very unhealthy for them. To better educate pet owners about dog nutrition, the company released homemade recipes for different dog breeds including golden retrievers.

An advocate of canine health, Cam Wimble is a fierce believer in raw dog food. According to the dog nutritionist, a natural raw diet consisting of fresh whole-food meats, vegetables and fruits is a healthy diet for dogs. Moreso, raw food is natural for canines as they are carnivores by nature. They have canine teeth for ripping flesh, razor sharp molars for breaking down bone and are born with stronger stomach acids for killing bacteria.

According to The Dog Nutritionist, almost 50% of canine deaths are caused by cancer which can be correlated to a lifelong diet of processed dog food. The truth is, kibble does not contain a single fresh food ingredient, most ingredients are not allowed to be consumed by humans, uses dangerous cooking processes and contains hundreds of additives and preservatives.

Passionate about spreading the word on natural raw dog food, The Dog Nutritionist has released a number of easy homemade raw dog food recipes for each canine breed on their website. For only $24.99, dog owners can avail of 3 simple breed specific superfood recipes, 1 breakfast recipe, 1 functional anti-cancer recipe, recommended health supplements per breed, a how-to video on food preparation and a safe food transition guide.

They also offer customized specific prescription food plans for dogs who have special needs due to pre-existing sicknesses and conditions.

More information about The Dog Nutritionist and their raw dog food recipes are available over the phone at +44-7920-131622 or by visiting the aforementioned website.