Crowe’s Cabinets is the Leader for Commercial Casework & Cabinetry in Healthcare

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Crowe’s Cabinets has launched its updated range of cabinets and countertops for the medical industry in Youngstown, Ohio. It also provides reception desks, nurse stations and custom casework.

Crowe’s Cabinets, based in Youngstown, Ohio, has specializes in commercial casework for the healthcare industry. The company provides custom reception desks, check-in stations, nurse stations, patient exam rooms and wall paneling among other custom casework.

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For decades Crowe’s Cabinets specializes and is the recognized leader in the Ohio Valley Region in standard and custom cabinets and countertops for patient rooms, staff support areas, procedure rooms, medical rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and radiology rooms. Additionally, the company also produces nurses’ stations, patient rooms and bays, cats, window sills, wall panel systems, pharmacy storage and shelving systems, and tack boards

The company focuses on maximizing the caregiver’s efficiency, providing a space the caregivers enjoy, and minimizing the impact on resources and schedules. Crowe’s Cabinets products are designed and built to stand up to the wear and tear of hospital use, without sacrificing care for the caregivers’ or patients’ experience.

Crowe’s Cabinets products can be found in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical clinics, physician offices, urgent care facilities, dental offices, assisted living and retirement communities, and skilled nursing facilities. The company’s products have also appeared in specialty medical areas such as radiology, emergency departments, infusion centers, ICUs, labor and delivery, in-patient rooms, patient bays, and pharmacies.

The healthcare industry brings its own unique challenges and compliances. Crowe’s Cabinet products are premium grade quality fabricated according to Architectural Woodwork Standards. Its products can be certified by certifying bodies such as the Forest Stewardship Council and the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Quality Certification Program.

In addition to its healthcare division, Crowe’s Cabinets also has commercial and residential divisions. The company performs kitchen remodeling, bath renovation, and home office makeovers. The commercial division also designs reception desks, display cases, teller desks, cubicles, and school room lockers.

Along with the company’s custom capabilities, it also works with the top national cabinetry brands to provide a wide array of options. Crowe’s Cabinets staff can be counted on to find the right parts for the desired style and budget.

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