The Benefits For Using Reusable Shopping Bags Every Day

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( — November 6, 2020) —

For a long time now, the world has been using plastic for a number of things and one of them has been shopping bags. Every time you went into the local store you were rewarded with numerous plastic bags that were having a detrimental effect on the environment. People didn’t give it a second thought when they reached out to take another plastic bag that was only going to be stored in the cupboard at home, and maybe never used again. Many of us said that we would use the same plastic bag over and over again but with all of our good intentions, we also forgot to take the bag with us, when we went for the weekly shop.

This meant the plastic bags ended up in landfills all across the country and it was impossible to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Plastics are unable to break down by themselves and it takes hundreds of years for that to happen. This is why businesses have stepped up and now provide alternatives, like reusable shopping bags from Onya. Having one of these bags means that you don’t have to keep using plastic bags, and you can use the same one again and again. People are now using organic plant fertiliser, and now it’s time that they started to use reusable bags. As well as protecting the environment, these reusable shopping bags provide the benefits. Here are just some of them.

  • It saves you money – The government has recently introduced a charge for every plastic bag that is handed out in a supermarket. This means that every time you visit there and you have forgotten to take your other plastic bags, they charge you quite a lot of money for a small piece of plastic. If you add as up over a year, it amounts to a significant amount of money and so reusable bags can help you to save this money. These bags are incredibly strong and long lasting, then you can use them for many years without any issues.


  • It’s eco-friendly – Recycling points now refuse to take plastic bags because of the cost involved in recycling them. This is why they end up in the local landfills and you find them stuck in hedges and trees all across the country. By investing in these incredible reusable shopping bags, you’re helping to cut down on the number of plastic bags out there and you are reducing your overall carbon footprint. It’s good for you, and it’s also good for the Earth.



  • Stronger & longer lasting – Unlike plastic bags, these reusable shopping bags are incredibly strong and they don’t break easily. You can put lots of shopping in them and they won’t break. Historically, you are always terrified of the bottom falling out of the plastic bag but you won’t have this issue with these ones. To learn more about what the government is doing to reduce waste, have a look here.


There are many different kinds of reusable bags to choose from, if you want to make a fashion statement and also do your bit for mother nature. They come in many different sizes, for a trip to the corner shop or a much larger one to the local superstore. Wherever you’re going, always take your reusable shopping bag with you.