Auto Detailing DIY for a Showroom Shine with Produxa Sealant & Car Polish

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A new home auto detailing product has been launched by PRODUXA. Their new bundle includes PRODUXA Premium and PRODUXA Tire Shine for a complete home auto detailing kit.

PRODUXA has launched a new product bundle to provide customers with a home auto detailing solution to protect and clean their car. Their aim is to offer added protection and mirror-like shine capabilities without paying for an expensive service.

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The site explains that PRODUXA auto detailing products are designed to the highest specifications. Customers can buy safe in the knowledge that they’re getting services centered on their needs.

Customers can shop for polish, sealant, and protector products that are also designed to be eco-friendly. The founders of PRODUXA have 25 years of experience in the field and pride themselves on high quality service. Their goal was to help car owners regain their confidence and protect their vehicle from damage.

Their multi-surface, non-toxic and eco-friendly products are the result of 10 years of research and experimentation. Now they have launched the new PRODUXA Premium kit as an exclusive online deal for customers.

The newly launched bundle contains PRODUXA Premium and PRODUXA Tire Shine, alongside their 800 GSM Pro Towel. Whether customers are seeking showroom-level shine or just want to ensure their vehicle looks its best while on the road, this bundle is designed to help.

The new bundle provides quality results with less effort required, and spares customers the expense of buying a full car detailing service. Their advanced all-in-one detailing system cleans, shines and seals customers’ vehicles in minutes.

Designed to last longer than other wax sprays, their products offer 20-times stronger protection for vehicles. With one 16oz bottle, customers can expect three months of shine and protection.

The specially designed product offers premium polish, sealant and protector that protects the surface of the vehicle from UV rays and creates a water-repellent barrier that lasts through harsh conditions.

The company states: “We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction, and believe that PRODUXA® PREMIUM is the best surface sealant on the market! Just try it for yourself, we give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you confidently can experience the result.”

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