Produxa – Vehicle Coating Polish Shiny Auto Paint Detailing Protection Spray

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Produxa has launched a range of vehicle coatings available for online purchase. Its easy to apply vehicle coatings provide long-lasting, high-quality results to keep vehicles looking their best.

Produxa has launched a wide range of vehicle coating polishes available for online purchase. The easy to apply vehicle coatings provide long-lasting, high-quality results to keep vehicles looking their best.

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The newly launched range of products provide an advanced all-in-one detailing system that cleans, shines, and seals a vehicle in minutes. Produxa features an easy to use spray on and wipe off application that can provide showroom quality results.

The Produxa premium coating has been produced using the most advanced lab technology to ensure there are no smears, no streaks and no scratches. The long-lasting protection provides a mirror-like finish and is 20 times stronger than other spray waxes.

Produxa’s scratch and swirl remover is another popular product among customers. The product restores depth and clarity of paint without harsh abrasives or solvents. It also removes most road contaminants, water-spots, oxidation, as well as hairline scratches and swirls safely and easily without damaging the paint.

The product is also effective in removing deep down grime from vehicles. Additionally, it prepares a finish for waxing or sealing, and possesses an easy to use formula. The product is safe for use with all paints including clear coat finishes.

Produxa products are available to be purchased individually or in a wide variety of kits. In addition to Produxa’s premium coating and scratch and swirl remover, it also sells tire shine, nano shampoo, and microfiber towels. The company ships both domestically across the USA and also internationally.

The Produxa coating has been tested by over a hundred car wash and detailing companies and is proudly made in the USA. Produxa stands behind its product and offers a full refund to customers that are not satisfied with their first purchase of a Premium 16-ounce standalone bottle or the Kit 1 within 30 days of the purchase.

The product is fully DIY with no professional installations needed. It is also eco-friendly and non-toxic with no water required for its use. One 16-ounce bottle provides three months of shine and protection.

For more information about Produxa visit the website listed above or call 833-776-3892.