Pelham GA Furniture Appliances Credit And Electronics Lease Purchase Launched

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Okinus Credit Solutions in Pelham Georgia announced a financing partnership with the Home Furnishings Association. They help homeowners rebuild credit while gaining access to the appliances and home furniture they need.

Pelham, Georgia based Okinus Credit Solutions, America’s largest independent provider of household furniture, electronics and appliance lease-purchase programs, has just announced its partnership with the nation’s only trade association dedicated exclusively to industry retailers: the Home Furnishings Association, (HFA).

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The new partnership is seen as a welcome relief to consumers with credit challenges doing their best to ride out the current pandemic without sacrificing the ability to make necessary or emergency big ticket purchases.

As the pandemic continues to spread across the country, consumer budgets are being squeezed. Many hardworking professionals have either lost their jobs, or have been forced to assemble some semblance form of home-based office.

Parents of school-aged children must find a way to provide their kids with the tech tools they need to keep education programs on track, and many Americans are hoping a large appliance like a water heater or a washing machine doesn’t unexpectedly fail to work.

For those with less credit options, these essentials and potential emergencies are especially distressing. Okinus and the HFA are hoping their partnership will help consumers live within their means without sacrificing household necessities.

Gary Allen, President of Okinus Credit Solutions says “We are focused on what we know we can do well, which is to provide lease-purchase financing of quality merchandise at an affordable price. We began in 2004 by financing furniture. Today we finance furniture, appliances, electronics, HVAC/water heaters, and more.”

With the absence of down payment requirements and the addition of the HFA’s portfolio of 1,200 retail associates, the collaborative power of this partnership gives customers who’ve experienced financial setbacks easy access to quality household necessities on affordable repayment plans.

For those looking to rebuild their credit, the Okinus/HFA partnership is seen as a smart way to secure that second chance. Together, these two organizations can help budget-conscious families keep in step with ever-changing lifestyle needs – such as the crib-to-toddler bed transition or a HVAC upgrade – while providing a comfortable way for consumers to get back into creditors’ good graces.

“Our focus is on providing our customers – the credit-challenged consumers – with the best lease-purchasing finance solutions,” says Allen. By partnering with the Home Furnishings Association, achieving that goal should be as effortless as a relaxing recline in the family’s favorite easy chair.”

More information about Okinus Credit Solutions and their personalized financing programs can be found at the URL above.