Purest Vantage D-Mannose Is a Powerful Remedy for Recurrent UTIs

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(Newswire.net — January 20, 2021) Orlando, FL — Today, many are struggling from recurrent UTIs, which affect 20 percent to 30 percent of all women. UTI is considered to be recurrent when it occurs two or more times within six months, or three or more times in a year. 

Health authorities warn against the causes of UTI recurrence, which produces painful and inconvenient problem. Sexual intercourse and the use of catheters are found to increase the odds of suffering from recurrent UTIs.

A study was published in the Expert Review of Vaccines journal.

In this research, it’s found that trace amounts of fecal matter, which contains E.coli, make their way up to the urinary tract via the urethra opening and start multiplying. 

There are risk factors to watch out for, such as menopause as the hormone estrogen aids in protecting the urinary tract from infections. During this period, women tend to have reduced levels of estrogen. 

The use of condoms with spermicidal foam and diaphragms is also linked with a heightened risk of UTI. This is due to the fact that diaphragms have the ability to push on the urethra and this makes it difficult to completely empty the bladder from bacteria. Condoms, on the other hand, kill good bacteria that could otherwise offer protection against UTIs.

Natural remedies like D-mannose have been for decades reputed to work wonders in battling with the infection. It is important to realize that this natural ingredient works in binding with the most common UTI culprit called the E.coli bacteria.

E.coli is then eliminated from the body via the urine, and this is helpful is significantly reducing the risk of infection. Individuals with recurrent infections even resort to the use of this natural remedy to increase their protection against UTIs.

Purest Vantage D-mannose may be a great choice for consumers who want to experience the healing benefits of this therapeutic sugar. This extra-strength formula has cranberry and dandelion, which are strong UTI-fighting ingredients. 

Purest Vantage is one of the few herbal supplement manufacturers that are driven by their commitment to provide highest quality dietary supplements. This company ensures its raw and finished ingredients are tested for contamination. 

This amazing formula is equipped with 600 mg of top-quality D-mannose, and is known widely to offer maximum urinary tract support. For every bottle, it even offers 120 Vegetarian capsules that make this formula even more worth spending one’s money for.

What makes this formula even more beneficial is that it is protected with a customer satisfaction guarantee (amazon.com/Mannose-Capsules-600mg-Per-Cap/dp/B071J35CP5).


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