MAHI Launches All Natural Craft Hot Saucse, Vegan Friendly & Gluten-Free

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MAHI has recently launched a selection of all-natural sauces that aim to help reduce the preparation time when cooking and are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

MAHI has announced the launch of their range of craft sauces into supermarkets for people looking to benefit adding some flavour to every day meals; from table sauces, marinades and dips that come in a range of flavours and heat levels that can reduce preparation time in the kitchen.

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The range of sauces from MAHI aims to provide people with the ability to save time when creating meals for their friends and family. The sauces from MAHI offer people the benefit of having natural flavours while also being free from artificial ingredients and unwanted chemicals that are often found in products on the market.

Due to the hectic day-to-day lifestyles of many people, it is often difficult to find the time to fully prepare a meal for friends and family. This difficulty can lead to people using ready-made sauces and products that contain artificial flavourings which are detrimental to both the flavour and nutrition of a meal. MAHI is aiming to solve these issues with its new range of all-natural sauces.

The sauces from MAHI are all made with gourmet ingredients that aims to bring people a variety of flavours ranging from sweet and fruity through to warm and fiery. People who use the MAHI product range can cut down the preparation time for any meal without compromising on flavour.

To provide sauces for all tastes, MAHI created their range to includes milder flavours covering such as their sweet and sour Taramind and Mango sauce. In contrast, their hot sauces use some of the most expensive and spiciest peppers in the world such as the Scorpion Pepper, Bhut Jolokia and the Carolina Reaper.

Based in England, MAHI crafted their products to give people the benefit of sauces that are free from artificial; colours, flavours, and preservatives as well as being gluten-free and vegan-friendly. MAHI are also an environmentally-conscious company, using only 100% recyclable glass bottles for their sauces, with each bottle purchased also supporting local farmers.

The range of sauces available from MAHI includes Peri Peri Lemon and Herb, Chipotle, Cayenne and Cranberry, Carolina Reaper and Pineapple, and Jerk BBQ. The sauces are available from major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado.

MAHI has some exciting new products under development including MAHInaise – craft peppers and vegan mayo to be launched in 2021.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.