Health Authorities Now Warn Against the Not-So-Known Symptoms of Blood Clots

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( — December 25, 2020) Orlando, FL — Blood clots can be a normal occurrence, but there are cases when they cause complications. According to experts, a clot can form inside a blood vessel, such as in the vein or the artery.

Health authorities warn that when the clot doesn’t dissolve after an injury has already healed, it can result in serious complications. It is important to understand that certain complications can be serious and even life-threatening. 

This is especially true if the clot happens in the blood vessel. There are symptoms to watch out for such as sudden pains, swelling, warmth in one spot, vision changes, seizures, speech impairment, and changes in sensation in the face or legs.

It can also lead shortness of breath, chest pains, excessive sweating, nausea, and dizziness. Other symptoms are diarrhea, serious abdominal pain, blood in the stool, and chest pains.

Unfortunately, blood clots can cause complications like kidney failure. It is important to understand that blood clots affecting the kidneys may potentially result in a kidney failure. This may result in the buildup of fluids and waste, which could in turn result in some other complications.

Preventing blood clots may involve managing a healthy weight, not smoking, and seeking the advice of a health care provider.

There are actually some natural healing ingredients found to be extremely useful in preventing blood clots, and one is grape seed extract.

In multiple research studies, grape seed extract has been found to work wonders in enhancing blood flow. This natural healing ingredient has long been associated with a range of health benefits. 

In an eight-week study involving 17 healthy postmenopausal women, it has been found that intake of 400 mg of grape seed extract produced some blood-thinning effects. This has been found potentially useful in decreasing the risk of blood clots.

Another team of scientists carried out a study involving eight healthy young women. They evaluated the effects of one 400 mg dose of proanthocyanidin from grape seed extract immediately followed by six hours of sitting. 

It has been found that the treatment reduced leg swelling and edema by 70 percent. The use of grape seed extract is recommended for preventive health purposes. 

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