What Not To Do During Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

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(Newswire.net — November 20, 2020) — So you’ve finally gone through your breast augmentation surgery and you’re looking better than ever. You’re now confident and looking to hop back into your day to day life in full force, resume your activities as like nothing ever happened. 

Well, the surgery has taken a toll on your body and you need to take some time and let it adjust to these changes. There are even some things that you might be advised not to do in order to avoid certain complications. So, let’s dive in and talk about them. 

1. Exercising

You might feel ready to hit the gym shortly after the surgery, but remember that your breasts really aren’t. It is recommended to avoid any physical exercise for at least one month after the surgery. By doing so, you will assure a normal healing process and avoid any complications. 

Now, after that month has passed, you’re still not fully ready to get back to your regular workout routine. Start exercising the lower part of the body first then gradually move up to upper body workouts. 

2. Sunbathing

If you live in a sunny State like California it’s pretty hard to avoid the sun and the heat during summer days. A local Plastic Surgeon Newport Beach will certainly understand this, and advise you against sunbathing for a while. 

Mainly due to the fact that the sun can cause hyperpigmentation, meaning that the skin beneath your scars may turn darker compared to the rest of the body. While swimming may be allowed a month after the surgery, you should avoid sunbathing until your scars start to fade away. 

3. Smoking

As weird as it may sound, smoking can negatively impact the results of your surgery. It is actually highly recommended to stop smoking, or taking anything that contains nicotine for one month both before and after the operation. 

We all know that abstinence can prove to be a difficult feat, especially when it comes to smoking, but by not doing so you will most likely end up constricting blood flow, therefore slowing down the healing process.

4. Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping is a very important part of the entire recovery process. How long and how well you sleep will determine how fast you will be able to heal and get back into your normal life. One thing that you should keep in mind, however, is to avoid sleeping on your stomach. 

You should sleep on your back with your head and shoulders slightly raised compared to the rest of the body. By sleeping on your stomach, you may cause your implants to move into incorrect positions, causing more complications afterward.

5. Bras

After the surgery, you’ll be required to wear a surgical or sports bra. You might be tempted to let go off of it and wear something else instead, but these types of bras are something to be taken seriously. 

They are there to help keep your breasts in place and prevent the implants from shifting into unwanted positions during the recovery process. So keep in mind to wear them at least three to four weeks post-surgery.