Interesting Recent Research Now Shows Berberine Helps Combat PCOS

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( — November 24, 2020) Orlando, FL — According to experts, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) happens to 12 to 18 percent of women in their reproductive age. 

Scientists have long been investigating on this condition, and how it can be prevented. Research also reveals that PCOS occurs in up to 21 percent of some high-rick groups, which include Indigenous women. 

There is a variety of conditions linked with PCOS, and they are anxiety, depression, hair loss, excess hair, acne, irregular periods, and relationships. 

When it develops, it leads to symptoms like excess hair, weight gain, scalp hair loss, increased anxiety and depression, difficulties with fertility, and irregular or infrequent periods. 

Acne may also take place, and this is due to the fact that a higher level of androgens increases the size of the oil production glands on the skin. This has been found to significantly increase the risk of acne. 

It is important to be warned that while acne is common in adolescence, young women with PCOS tend to have more severe form of acne. PCOS may also produce some psychological effects, which include anxiety and depression. 

When it comes to naturally fighting PCOS, it may be beneficial to consider what berberine can offer. 

According to studies, this natural healing ingredient has been found to reduce insulin and blood glucose levels. It is important to understand that it has been found to be as effective as a medication prescribed for PCOS. 

Experts further reveal that in women with PCOS, insulin sensitivity is actually key. Berberine has been found to work by up-regulating the expression of insulin receptor genes in cells. This allows them to absorb glucose at reduced insulin levels, which makes increased production unnecessary. 

Further, berberine could also work wonders in preventing the digestion of carbohydrates and decreasing the production of glucose in the liver. It may even decrease bad bacteria levels in the gut, which ends up reducing inflammation.

Studies have shown this natural remedy has direct inhibitory effects against the inflammatory pathways, which include TNF alpha, interleukin-6 and COX2. 

Health authorities have long warned that inflammation actually has a major role in PCOS. Most of the female sufferers even have some level of chronic inflammation.

This natural healing ingredient may be obtained via supplementation, and this includes the use of formulas like Divine Bounty Berberine.

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