This Christmas, Bake a Mouth-Watering Italian Christmas Cake

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( — November 24, 2020) — Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of the year. From the fairy lights, sparkling streets, get-togethers, winter nights to family meals, there’s everything to like about it. Even if you do not celebrate the rituals, the surroundings make you feel happy. And the best part comes when you get the most satisfying bite of that Christmas cake. But not each one of us is as lucky to get a cake slice from the neighbors.

So, why not bake a Christmas cake this time on our own? Run your eyes through some of the Italian Christmas cake recipes and bake it yourself. You need nothing, just the foodie spirit, and the ingredients. Whether you want that classic Italian Panettone or a large chocolate nut Christmas cake, there’s a recipe for everything out there.

Here are some of the best cakes you would love to grab this Christmas.

  • Panettone

The obvious one, Panettone, is like the ritual in every Christmas. It is the classic, sweet Italian bread that is loaded with fruity flavours. It is typically offered during Christmas throughout Italy. Filled with a buttery taste and soft texture, it is a cake as spongy as bread and as fruity as a cake.

You can make this at your home with a few ingredients and get something precisely like those Italian Cakes online. All the ingredients you require are- mixed dried fruits, candied lemon and orange peel, candied cherries, Cointreau, dry yeast, milk, sugar, strong bread flour, salt, large eggs, unsalted butter, and almonds.

This classic Italian Christmas cake takes two days for the bread to rise. As you say, good things take time! It would be best to give it the entire time to get a perfect, soft, and spongy dough. After you prepare the dough, please keep it in the fridge for one day and let the yeast do its task. On day one, you will see the first rise of 45 minutes, and when you mix the dough at the final step, put it in the mold and wait for the rise. And then straight to the oven! It would be best to leave the cake’s dough overnight to rise slowly in the fridge: the longer the fluff, the richer the flavor. You can easily shape it as it becomes flexible.

  • Pandoro Cake

Similar to Panettone, Pandoro is the symbol of Christmas in Italy. It also resembles a Christmas tree; it has a tower with a topping of snow-white powdered sugar. Like Panettone, Pandoro is a golden bread having fluffy, light, and yeast-risen texture with a brown outer surface. However, it does not have candied fruit filling or berries. That is why many people prefer it for Christmas.

If you do not like candied fruit cake, Pandoro is for you. The recipe is quite simple, and you will have no trouble baking it at home by yourself. The cake comes from Verona’s city in Veneto and gives you a classic feel when baked with perfection.

But you should be ready because it takes time, and you need to be patient with the process. If you do not want to wait for that much, buy Pandoro cake online. There are a lot of stores that deliver freshly baked cakes, especially for Christmas.

Italian Culinary is a tradition that people have been following for a long time, and it has a special place during Christmas. From sweets, meat, wine to Zampone, there are giant specialties. But you can’t miss the Italian Christmas cake during the celebrations.

If it’s not your cup of tea to bake a cake on your own, order it online. There are a few other popular Italian desserts that you must try this Christmas, along with the cake. Celebrate a full-fledged festival with desserts like Croccante, Torrone, Struffoli, and your favorite flavored Italian cake.