5 Reasons Consumers Love Vasarii, the Personal Care Brand

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(Newswire.net — November 25, 2020) — When it comes to our personal care and hygiene, we have to consider it to be just as important as our internal health. This is because bad hygiene can lead to many infections and diseases, which can sometimes be life threatening. Not only that, but personal care and grooming can also make us feel more confident and it is a form of self love.

That’s why many consumers recommend Vasarii, because they sell organic products that have premium naturally sourced ingredients. Here are 5 reasons why people love them.

They’re environmentally friendly

This company focuses on selling products that are eco friendly, cruelty free and all natural. Vasarii was founded by Joshua Spilewski who had the motive to create a brand that sells multiple personal care product lines that don’t harm the environment and have ingredients that can benefit human life. 

Even though the company was founded in 2018, they have seen a high demand from customers who are environmentally conscious. Vasarii aspires to become as big as Unilever, but are devoted to only selling products that are cruelty free, all natural and environmentally friendly.

They give back to communities

Vasarii likes to give back what they take from their communities and they follow this healthy cycle as their business structure. They sell deodorants with natural mineral salts sourced from Thailand and in order to help the communities, they donate 10% of their profits to Thai based charities such as Pete’s Mission, Kwah Dao and Pure Blue Foundation.

Their products help fight against BO

It is normal for people to have BO, but the cause of it is because of the sweat that’s linked to the apocrine glands and the bacteria in the sweat is what causes the scent of BO. In order to prevent the funky smell from your armpits, it’s advised by healthcare professionals to wash your armpits with antibacterial soap and use deodorant.

Vasirii sells mineral salt stick deodorants that prevent the bacteria that develops into the scent of BO and even eradicates any chances of your pores building up from this. Their deodorant is non-staining, has 24 hour protection and is free from harmful chemicals. They’re also going to be releasing a mineral salt spray deodorant in January 2021.

The company was started with just $500

What really surprised us is that the company only started with $500 and is now doing over 6 figures in annual revenue. This is something very admirable, because it shows that any budding entrepreneur with ambitions can truly achieve their goals. Not only that, but the founder created the company for a good cause that has made a positive change to our society.

They care about their customers

We’ve all once dealt with a company that has had terrible customer service and ethos, which has resulted in us not buying from them ever again. However, what has really made Vasarii stand out is that they actually care about the voices of their customers and even let them vote between a selection of charities to donate to annually. Customers from around the world have also highly recommended the service that Vasarii provides and are happy with the effective results that they get from the products.

Who is Vasarii?

Vasarii is an American personal care & cosmetics company that started selling deodorants in 2019, but opened for business in 2018. They’re headquartered in Boston, but market their products globally. They have a huge online presence, with over 24,000 followers on instagram and over 50,000 followers on Facebook. 

This small business sells their products through their online store, where new subscribers on their mailing list can get a 10% coupon code for their products. Customers can also check out the latest news about the environment and charities on the blog that is featured on the company’s website.

Vasarii is well loved because they want to help build towards the biodiversity loss on this planet by protecting the animals and habitats, as well as use natural sources that can be replenished on earth. We also love the fact that they make their prices affordable so that anyone who wishes to make a change can use their products and feel satisfied with their contribution to our planet.