Holiday HVAC Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

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( — November 26, 2020) — The holidays will be here before we know it! While some are planning their much-deserved holiday trip, most of us are now busy sprucing up our homes with clever Christmas decorations.  

However, before you begin placing all the festive cheers in your halls and living room, it’s vital to ensure that these aesthetics will not jeopardize your HVAC system, family’s safety, and energy bills in your Spokane, WA home. 

Learn the most common Holiday decorating mistakes that we all need to avoid.

Covering Your Thermostat

Ideas on Pinterest can be tempting to try. However, no matter how cool they look, we ask that you at least spare your thermostat. This component of your comfort equipment is significant in providing comfort to your home. It’s best to keep it naked, so it will accurately read your indoor temperature.

Placing Heat Sources Near Your Thermostat

Sometimes, we place candles, twinkling lights, and any other heating devices and objects near our thermostat. If you crowd your thermostat with such items, it will produce inaccurate readings, causing your HVAC equipment to run when it’s not needed. Also, you will end up getting uncomfortable temperatures, or worse, a surge in your energy bills. We advise you to place these heat-emitting devices and objects on the opposite side of the room, away from the thermostat.

Blocking Your Air Vents

Similar to the mistake above, we sometimes place objects near our vents. You need to make sure that your air return and supply vents are clear from any obstacle. The vents must always be left open. It will suffocate your comfort system if it’s blocked, forcing it to work harder and longer than needed.

Forgetting to Change the Filter

A dirty filter is going to make your furnace work harder, making its job more difficult than it should be. It means that your system will use more energy to heat your home. Also, your filter will restrict airflow. You need to change your filter to keep your indoor air clean and the furnace running efficiently.

High Thermostat Setting

The more people in your home, the warmer it gets. There’s not much need for your thermostat to work hard, so set it low. Also, cooking your holiday meals will add more heat. You can either prepare ahead of time or plan to turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

Not Keeping Doors or Windows Shut

We recommend ensuring a tight seal by locking your windows. You can also set up spaces meant for sitting, eating, socializing, and other indoor activities. An open door will let the warm air escape and will make your furnace work harder than needed.

Ignoring Electrical Precautionary Measures

One of the most common accidents during the winter is residential fire. Holiday decorations and distractions play a significant factor in these mishaps. That’s why you should beware of these simple precautionary measures to keep your home safe this holiday season.

  • Set up string lights safely. There should be no more than three strands to prevent blowing a fuse or causing an electrical fire.
  • Inspect electrical decorations. Make sure there are no cracked or damaged sockets, bare wires, or loose connections. Look for a certification label stating that the product was tested for safety by an independent laboratory like Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or Intertek (ETL).
  • Be careful with cords. They must not be pinched by furniture, placed under rugs, or near heat sources, attached using nails or staples, or forced into cramped spaces like doors or windows. 
  • Don’t overload outlets. Make sure that only one high-wattage appliance is plugged into each outlet at a time. Accidents are the last thing you want this Holiday.

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