Santa Online Podcast and Live Video Streaming Service For Children Launched

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Christmasful, a podcast and live-video stream allowing children to connect with Santa Claus, have launched their website, publishing their daily content and providing festive games and activities for children in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmasful, a podcast and live video stream, has recently launched their website. Their weekly podcast features characters ‘Santa Claus’ and ‘Sunny the Elf’, and allows children worldwide to connect with Santa through live videos.

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Sponsored by businesses such as the Independent Podcast Network, Streamyard, and Sw33t Designs, Christmasful’s weekly podcast is aimed at keeping Christmas cheer alive during these difficult times. Christmasful especially understand the importance of keeping the magic of Santa Claus alive for children all over the world, especially due to the limitations caused by the current pandemic.

A 100% free service, Christmasful broadcast live from the KELF Studios via their website, on Facebook, and on Youtube every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday through November and December on the lead up to Christmas day. Families can sign-up on the website to receive live broadcast notifications.

Interested parties can also subscribe to Christmasful’s daily five minute episodes through streaming services Apple Podcasts and Spotify. These episodes provide background on the character’s lives leading up to Christmas day and give children an insight into what the North Pole is really like.

The podcast and live video stream is designed specifically so that children can make sense of the potential limitations that Covid-19 has caused for their every day lives, particularly the increased necessity to communicate with loved ones online rather than in person. Their website makes an emphasis on the importance of staying safe during these unprecedented circumstances.

Children are therefore given the opportunity to connect with the character Santa Claus through Christmasful’s interactive live videos. Through the website, children can record a message or question for Santa Claus, or send their written messages, drawings, and photos, which subsequently may be shared on each weekly episode.

It is made evident that children require their parent’s permission before sharing any content with Christmasful.

Christmasful’s website also offers children access to a number of festive online games and holiday activities, as well as the opportunity to interact with a number of Christmas themed characters.

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