Los Angeles Credit Repair Restoration For Financial Security Service Launched

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A credit repair and restoration service has been launched by a company that provides financial education services across greater LA in a bid to help families achieve long-term financial security.

A company that provides financial education services across the greater Los Angeles, Ontario, and Inland Empire California area has launched a new credit repair and restoration service aimed at people who want to achieve long-term financial security. The Maine Simon team explain their goal is to empower families across America to take control of their finances.

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The newly launched credit repair and restoration service can help individuals, families, and couples start afresh while learning the importance of financial management. The Maine Simon team explain an individual’s credit score is more important today than it has ever been as it can affect their ability to secure employment, to buy a car or house, and to pay less in interest.

People who are fed up with paying more than they need to and those who are tired of being turned down for home loans or financing may benefit from the service explain the team. They add that credit repair and restoration can improve a person’s life in ways they never expected and can ultimately provide them and their family with long-term financial security.

Maine Simon and the team utilize the latest technology to ensure they offer a fast, accurate service to clients. Part of the process involves deleting or removing inaccurate, erroneous, and obsolete items such as late payments, collections, foreclosures, repossessions, bankruptcies, medical bills, student loans, tax liens, or any other derogatory item that is tarnishing a credit report.

Removing these items along with any other inaccuracies can boost a credit score immediately explain the team. This can lead to faster approval rates, better interest options, and refinancing for agreements already in place such as a mortgage.

As well as regular updates throughout the credit repair and restoration service, individuals are given 24/7 access to an online portal so they can monitor their progress in real time.

Maine Simon has also recently written a book on credit repair called “Got Credit Easy Ways To Increase Your Credit Score” that will be available nationally that will also be a great resource to get information on how credit works and why their clients can trust the Maine Simon Credit Experts team with all their credit repair and restoration needs.

A representative said: “Maine Simon Credit Experts team has been helping consumers achieve their highest financial potential for over ten years.” The founder went on to say “Born and raised in Bronx, NY we were not taught financial literacy, that is why we help to educate others on the importance of financial management.”

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