Best Golf Driver For Seniors From Beginners & Intermediate To High Handicappers.

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The Golfing Pro has launched a new guide, ‘5 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors and Aging Golfers’. It explains the importance of lightweight clubs with a high loft and large sweet spot for seniors.

The Golfing Pro has launched a new guide titled, ‘5 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors and Aging Golfers’. The guide highlights the importance of lightweight clubs with a high loft and large sweet spot for senior golfers no matter if they are a beginner an intermediate or a high handicapper..

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The newly launched guide explains how precision, swing speed and launch height are affected with aging. Senior golfers will usually have issues swinging regular or heavier golf clubs. If they insist on using non-senior clubs, they will end up with less precise shots.

Due to their advancing age, older golfers will inevitably have slower swing speeds. Often, senior golfers experience a major decline in swing speed in just a few years upon hitting the minimum senior age in golf. Similarly, because of the reduction in their physical power and limitations in range of motion, older golfers will find it hard to achieve excellent launch heights. If their shoulder flexibility is compromised, launch height will become lower.

The best golf clubs for seniors weigh less than regular golf clubs. This is to allow senior golfers to channel their power into the distance and launch height. With less weight comes a better distance. The shaft should be no heavier than 60 grams. A light golf club will help in improving swing timing and is easier to wield. More info at

Older golfers should use a golf club with a larger sweet spot. A large sweet spot allows the golfer to have a wider surface on which the ball will be launched efficiency. This will also reduce frustration and the need to force the shoulder during a swing. Look for cubs with perimeter weighting. This is a cavity at the back of the club’s head and the distribution of the outer edges of the club and gives the club a larger sweet spot.

Senior players have a hard time gaining higher lifts, so they should use a higher loft angle. As much as possible, senior golfers should look for lofts that are not lower than 10 degrees. The ideal range is between 15 and as much as 54.

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