Oshawa Remote Secondary School Virtual International Education Platform Expanded

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The Mosaic Academic, a virtual education center in Oshawa, Ontario, has expanded their remote learning services, delivering exceptional quality teaching to Canadian and international students.

The Mosaic Academy, a virtual learning institution from Oshawa, Ontario, has recently expanded its online educational services, offering remote programs and classes to local Canadians and international students.

More information is available at www.themosaicacademy.com

The newly launched education services at the Mosaic Academy offer Canadian and international students virtual Ontario Secondary School Diploma classes from grades 1 to 12, employing cutting-edge educational techniques to deliver outstanding quality remote learning environments.

Mosaic Academy was founded to respond to the ever-changing technological demands of education, leading the shift between traditional teaching to virtual learning practices, an essential move for educational institutions in 2020. The new remote service encourages parents to be involved in their child’s virtual learning in order to create a supportive community network between parents and the academy.

Through the Mosaic Academy’s new online education system, it is easy for students and guardians to track progress and monitor their safe learning environment. Since being founded in 2016, the online international high school has grown exponentially in size and following, establishing a reputation for student success.

The academy was created to offer virtual courses and programs to international students, responding to a demand from local Canadian students and the global health crisis for more remote learning opportunities. The Mosaic Academy’s top priority is ensuring that their students get the best virtual schooling possible, encouraging them to pursue secondary education options.

The Mosaic Academy is dedicated to delivering online schooling to international and Canadian students, operating with the belief that education should be accessible to everyone with an eagerness to learn. The principal, Christian Bayly, has over 18 years of first-hand experience in educational leadership and program development and has qualifications in Special Education and ESL teaching.

The Mosaic Academy offers monthly one on one, teacher-student sessions designed to support children’s individual educational journey in their chosen course. Through these customized sessions, education professionals can monitor student performance and offer individualized improvements.

Additionally, their newly launched services include offering students an academic guidance councillor, establishing open communication between the students and faculty in order to maximize academic planning for the future. This includes custom support for college and university applications, in addition to providing comprehensive emotional support throughout their virtual education.

In addition to selecting academic courses, the Mosaic education team support students looking for placements, internships, and exchange programs, creating the most enriching remote learning environment possible.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.