Victoria BC Plant-Based Meats For Vegans Vegetarians & Health-Conscious Launched

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The Very Good Butchers, a company based in British Columbia is offering plant-based meat alternatives to vegans and vegetarians. The majority are bean-based and are all deemed tasty and succulent.

A line of plant-based meat alternative products has been launched by The Very Good Butchers. With the firm belief in butchering beans and not animals, the Canadian-based butchery designs the meat alternatives with vegans and vegetarians in mind.

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The newly announced products include burger meat alternatives, hotdog meat alternatives, taco stuffers, barbecue jackfruit, ribs, and pepperoni alternatives. Each product is filled with organic veggies, beans being the base, and what the company considers real whole-food ingredients.

The vegan butchery was founded after the proprietors grew weary with the overly-processed meat alternatives available on the market, and decided to raise the plant-based bar. As such, the trained chefs set out to make what they would deem the most delicious and nutritious plant-based meats they could.

Initially, the bean butchers sold their produce at farmer’s markets on Denman Island after which they moved to Victoria where they opened the Canadian West Coasts’ first plant-based butchery. After three years in business, the founders were soon able to increase their customer base through their online store.

The company is headed by the president, James Davison who has been a chef for more than 10 years. Davison initially received training in classic French cuisine, but eventually took interest in vegan and vegetarian cooking.

Among the products available for sale are the Very Good Burger, Very Good Taco Stuff’er, a Very British Banger, and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. Bacon and vegan stuffed beast are also listed among the products.

The Very Good Burger, which is the company’s signature burger is described as a cruelty-free triple A-grade bean patty that is loaded with organic veggies and spices. These include beets, carrots, old-fashioned mustard, tahini, and classic BBQ flavoring.

Made with navy beans, the Very Good Bacon is described as smokey and succulent and is ideal for both vegans and non-vegans alike. Its ingredients also include organic wheat gluten, chickpeas, liquid smoke, spices, soy sauce, maple syrup, and cane sugar.

Described as a fluffy, savory, stuffing-wrapped, succulent meatless roast by The Very Good Butchers, the stuffed roast is ideal for holiday feasts. The ingredients in this vegan product include sourdough bread, celery, carrots, chickpeas, yams, red onion, and dried cranberries.

Plans are underway for The Very Good Butchers to extend its customer base to the United States. While the online branch of the company offers recipe ideas along with its plant-based products, the physical shop in Victoria, BC also sells in-house dining meals made from vegan meats.

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