Torrance CA Employment Attorney Wrongful Termination Lawyer Services Launched

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Employee Law Group of Torrance, CA announces its updated legal services for employees who plan to sue their companies for issues such as unpaid wages, harassment, and discrimination.

Torrance, CA-based Employee Law Group announces its updated range of legal services designed to assist workers throughout Los Angeles County. The firm accepts a wide range of cases, including wrongful termination, unpaid wages, minimum wage violations, and discrimination, among others.

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The updated services are being launched to help employees get the proper recompense for labor violations committed by companies. Atty. David A. Mallen, the firm’s principal lawyer, says that having legal representation also increases the chances of getting a favorable ruling for plaintiffs.

Statistics show that labor-related cases ballooned by over 450% since 1995, highlighting the prevalence of labor violations in the state. Unfortunately, companies have more resources than employees, which is why cases are often ruled in their favor.

As such, Atty. Mallen provides affordable legal assistance to workers so they can level the playing field. Understanding that each client’s circumstance is different, the firm first consults with a plaintiff to thoroughly understand their case and to gather the most compelling evidence.

Employee Law Group’s lawyers will assist clients with all the legal legwork to ensure that their case will have its day in court. It will also advise them on the appropriate legal action, such as the amount they can sue for.

Furthermore, the firm will represent the client in court and present the best argument to win their case. Interested parties may schedule a free consultation to better understand how an employment attorney can assist them.

Atty. Mallen adds that having an attorney is especially important if a company tries to turn the table and shift blame to the employee. Furthermore, cases are often resolved faster with legal representation, and may even end in a settlement instead of litigation.

Employee Law Group is a leading practice that services the areas of Torrance, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Inglewood, and Los Angeles. Its legal services aim to empower employees to fight for their rights through expert legal assistance.

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