Intuitive Edge Launches Guide: Cost-Effective Management of Contracts During M&A

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Frisco, Texas-based Intuitive Edge LLC has announced the launch of its new legal guide to help businesses responsible for managing high volumes of contracts reduce their legal spending.

Frisco, Texas-based Intuitive Edge, LLC has announced the launch of its new legal guide. The 10-page document offers cost-effective solutions to businesses managing large numbers of contracts during the sale of a business, the acquisition of a business or a merger.

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The guide is entitled, “How to Use a Laser-Focused Team to Significantly Reduce Legal Spend,” and is available now. It describes the OASIS Cycle, a more effective and less expensive system to manage complex contracts projects.

The OASIS Cycle incorporates 5 key elements: Organization, Analysis, Standardization, Institutionalization, and Synergy. Each of the elements leverages new ways of deploying technology and teamwork. A key feature is the use of a dedicated Project Manager to oversee and drive the entire process, including the judicious use of a lawyer’s time.

The Intuitive Edge guide compliments the company’s legal services and shares insights into how to adopt repeatable, streamlined, cost-saving legal processes and procedures, especially in the realm of high volumes of contracts.

The Intuitive Edge guide offers illustrative scenarios so that prospective clients can “see” the OASIS Cycle in action. One scenario centers around an organization that must identify the necessary steps to securely catalogue 1,000 procurement contracts. The Cycle streamlines needed and novel technologies, including a virtual data room, an AI review tool, a cloud-based tool for project and contracts management, and a user-friendly web-based tool for meetings.

“How to Use a Laser-Focused Team to Significantly Reduce Legal Spend” also presents valuable steps to analyze and standardize the contracts management process–no matter how many contracts are involved. Via the templates Intuitive Edge has created and the way they are used in the OASIS Cycle, Intuitive Edge seeds the entire firm with processes that are repeatable. Over the long run, firms find they are more likely to see cooperation between departments, have faster turnarounds, proactively resolve issues, identify cost avoidance opportunities earlier, and adapt to customized needs more quickly.

The just-launched guide also lists potential business benefits for working within the OASIS Cycle system and with Intuitive Edge as a services provider, including being able to handle multiple transactions simultaneously, dealing with licensing and intellectual property issues, as well as handling legacy mergers and changing legal entities.

More information on this new guide, including contact details for Intuitive Edge, can be found at the link above.