Coca Cola Academic Scholarship Launched In Support Of Exceptional Students

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The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation announced that it will continue its scholarship programs for exceptional young students, aiming to provide valuable opportunities for future academic and research performance.

The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation announced an updated range of scholarship programs for exceptional students. The non-profit aims to make a positive change in the world by investing in the future of exceptional students who are dedicated to contributing to leadership, service, and actions that positively affect both local and global communities.

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The latest announcement aims to offer extensive support to young students who can make a positive change in the world.

Coca Cola Scholars Foundation provides enrichment opportunities to students who have exceptional academic achievements through their scholarship programs. As future leaders, the non-profit believes that the students of today have the power to positively shape the world of tomorrow.

Jane Hale Hopkins, president of Coca-Cola Scholars, said: “We believe that identifying these young leaders throughout the country and encouraging their passion for serving others not only empowers the students, but also lifts up those around them.”

“The Coca-Cola system is dedicated to giving back to the communities they serve, and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is proud to be a part of that commitment,” he added.

Along with the monetary benefit of $20,000, students will also get various other benefits. They will have the chance to visit Atlanta to attend the winner announcement event for a weekend, where they will get to meet fellow students and the past scholars who share their experiences.

Every five years, past scholars visit the leadership summit in Atlanta to engage in interactive sessions by alumni. Students gain a place in this exclusive competitive opportunity, which itself is an important honor.

The latest announcement is part of the non-profit’s commitment to fostering positive change by helping the bright young minds of today be part of a network that helps them fulfill their dreams.

Interested parties can find more information on the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation and the available scholarships by visiting the above-mentioned website.