US Nationwide Car Dealer Alternative Concierge Vehicle Buyer Service Launched

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A new car buying service has been launched by The Car Shopper Guy. The car buying service is an alternative to traditional car dealers and sellers and focuses on offering celebrity treatment, client-representative relationships, and peace of mind.

The Car Shopper Guy has launched a new car buying service focusing on client needs and the customer experience, operating independently from dealerships and sellers. The car buying service is well suited for anybody that is looking to purchase a car and wants to ensure that they are getting the car that suits their specific needs rather than being sold a car from a dealer or seller inventory.

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The newly launched service meets demand for a more streamlined approach to car sales. They are 100% transparent and provide peace of mind for buyers. Buyers can experience a celebrity-style service and anonymity is assured in the initial stages of negotiation and proposals.

Clients will find that The Car Shopper Guy is different than dealers, auto-brokers, and traditional buying platforms and offers a car buying service that aims to be client-friendly, quick, and easy to use. The company negotiates for, consults and collaborate with dealers in all 50 states for clients to get the best deals and terms.

The new car buying service strives to save customers valuable time. This is because it is common for clients looking to buy a car to spend countless hours searching online and visiting dealers, however utilizing the car buying service, clients can save time and energy when looking for a new car.

The service strives to be ideal for anyone, including business owners, employees, professional athletes, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and celebrities. The company provides clients total control of the car buying process with a focus on initial anonymity and buyer satisfaction.

The Car Shopper Guy services* offered:

*Full-Service package features new, lease, or used vehicle locating, negotiating and, unlimited client representation and consultation.

*Consultation Service package features new, lease, or used vehicle consultations for 15-calendar days and unlimited consultative availability.

*Special Ordering with Full-Service package features new vehicle price negotiating, ordering, and monthly updates on vehicle build process with Full-Service unlimited client representation and consultation.

*Special Ordering package features new vehicle price negotiating, ordering, and monthly updates on the vehicle build process. It excludes Full Service client representation and consultation following the build of the unit.

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