San Francisco CA Walk-In Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Installation Launched

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Commercial and industrial refrigeration company Coolrite Refrigeration Inc has launched expanded walk-in freezer and cooler installation services for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco-based commercial refrigeration company Coolrite Refrigeration Inc has expanded its walk-in cooler and freezer installation services for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The launch of the newly expanded services comes as Coolrite Refrigeration aims to ensure that its clients are continuously provided with custom-built industrial and commercial coolers and freezers, specially engineered for durability and reliability.

Coolrite’s installation services equip grocery and convenience stores, food service owners, supermarkets, liquor stores and other facilities with top-of-the-line walk-in and reach-in coolers, freezers, and ice machines. All units are customized to fit specific client needs.

As per the service expansion, Coolrite Refrigeration has also updated its monthly preventative maintenance plan, which provides regular support on the operation of walk-in freezers and coolers.

Company technicians are dispatched on a monthly basis to service unit coils, air filters, and condensers. Through both detailed inspection and general examination, technicians monitor drain lines and refrigerant levels as well as suction line insulation and motor status. They also test and recalibrate thermometers and maintain consistent ice production.

According to Coolrite representatives, it is important to ensure proper airflow in cooler units by keeping the coils and fan areas free of any stacked food products. Furthermore, unit doors should be closed whenever possible, as leaving them open for extended periods adds unnecessary stress to its system, impairing long-term performance.

In addition, they emphasize that regular unit maintenance is essential for the economic sustainability of their clients’ businesses. Waiting for a malfunction before organizing repairs, they warn, could result in thousands of dollars being lost on spoiled foods. Regular maintenance keeps refrigeration units running optimally at all times.

In case of emergency, however, cooler and freezer repair services are also provided. Utilizing extensive knowledge of unit systems and requirements, Coolrite Refrigeration employs full safety practices and accurate troubleshooting to quickly diagnose and fix mechanical faults.

The expanded installation, maintenance and repair services are now available to clients based in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, Palo Alto, Sausalito, San Jose, Stanford, San Carlos, Castro Valley, Alamo, Redwood City and Hercules.

Interested parties are invited to visit the company website at the above-mentioned URL, where they can find more information about Coolrite Refrigeration’s comprehensive walk-in freezer and cooler installation services and maintenance plan.