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A newly updated webinar series has been launched by U Win Marketing. It aims to help more entrepreneurs achieve success though networking, email marketing and social media ads.

U Win Marketing has launched a newly updated webinar series with a view to helping more entrepreneurs achieve success online. Their “3 Webinars to Master Everything” series encompasses lead generation through influencers, email list generation, and Facebook ads marketing.

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The newly updated webinar series aims to meet increasing demand for beginner-friendly training from industry experts. With the pandemic still affecting families around the world, more people are turning to online business as a way to increase their income.

However, data shows that the success of new business ventures is low, with 45% failing within the first five years according to the BLS. One of the keys to ensuring success online is with the best training, and this is where U Win Marketing aims to help with the newly updated webinar series.

By signing up for the webinars, entrepreneurs are able to harness expert advice across major marketing sectors. The first program covered is Six Figure Success Academy, with webinars also discussing ListLaunch Pro and Facebook Ads University.

Six Figure Success Academy is a unique program that showcases the impact influencers can have on lead generation and sales. Members signing up will learn proven formulas to follow to partner with top influencers, and be able to leverage their audience for increases in traffic.

Alongside this, members can sign up to learn more about ListLaunch Pro and how it can transform their email marketing. This webinar covers how to build a large email list with a clear strategy for growth.

Email marketing is still a large-scale driver for traffic and sales, and is one of the most reliable forms of marketing available to online businesses.

Finally, members can sign up for a webinar focusing on Facebook Ads University. Facebook is the largest social media site in the world, with billions of active users.

By utilizing the strategies taught in this webinar, business owners can tap into larger audiences, grow their brand, and maximize their sales.

Full details of the newly expanded webinar series can be found on the URL above.