Technology and How it is Improving Franchising

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( — November 29, 2020) Sydney, NSW — Using technology in business is essential for business growth and development, keeping ahead of the competition and increasing profits. Some of the best franchise opportunities around have understood this in exactly the right way and their franchisees are reaping the rewards.

So, how can technology be used to improve business and increase profits? Here are just three different ways.

Personalizing Loyalty Programs

We all know some businesses offer more attractive loyalty programs than others, but what is really on trend is utilizing technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to track individual buyer likes and dislikes, purchase types, as well as frequency and amount of purchases made. As this information is collected, smart loyalty programs can be tailored to suit individual customers, making for a much more personal shopping experience.

In franchising, as with any business, giving customers a personal buying experience means they are likely to return.

Utilizing the Popularity of Voice Command

Some of the most innovative franchises are connecting up with the various voice-activated home assistant options now available like Alexa and Google Home. Offering customers the ability to order just by voice command from the comfort of their own home is definitely where the most innovative franchises are looking to move into.

When considering the food industry, franchises are taking up the option of delivery apps like DoorDash, Eat24, Grubhub and Uber Eats. Giving people the option to order food from their phone is vital to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, and even more so now since the Covid-19 outbreak we have experienced throughout this year.

Improving Customer Contact

Emailing customers is no longer the best point of contact for most franchise owners to keep in contact with their customers. More personal contact, like text messages, live chats and social media messaging is a far quicker method of customer contact, and the preferred methods over email.

These newer types of technology for customer contact are better for keeping on top of buyer dissatisfaction. The more personal and immediate an option you can provide your buyers to contact you should they feel dissatisfied for whatever reason, the quicker you can deal with the issue in a positive and timely manner and get back to having a happy customer.

Utilizing the technology available with regard to customer contact can be at every stage of a purchase, from initiating buyer interest to confirming details of a product or service, right through to buyer feedback and surveys post purchase.

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