Why Your Pet Needs an Insurance Policy

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(Newswire.net — November 30, 2020) — How do you best protect your cat and dog from injuries and unexpected illness? What happens if the worst comes up during your pets lifetime? Pumpkin pet insurance is your go-to for your pet’s needs. Live secure in the knowledge that Fido can be taken care of in the event of an emergency or that Puff will be cared for if she jumps the wrong way off the refrigerator.

Life can be filled with unexpected emergencies and routine visits to the veterinarian. However, we can make sure you don’t end up spending a fortune on your pet’s health. We offer a plan in place if you need to take Puff for a regular vet visit.

Doing Whats Best for Pets

At Pumpkin, we believe in always doing whats best for pets. We hold to standards of caring for pets by empowering their families and helping them navigate the best options for paying for veterinarian care. We accomplish this by placing pets at the center of everything we do each day. And by helping their human parents take care of them in very affordable ways.

Pets ultimately need affection, attention, food, and a bed. Everyday we work to make this possible by helping you to care for your pet. Pet insurance doesn’t solve your pet’s health needs, it only helps you to navigate and feel confident in knowing the options available to you.

How do we make pets a priority in all that we do? Always upholding the pets wellbeing and placing it at the center of our company values. Break barriers and find new ways of helping pets and their human parents.

Making Essential Care Affordable

Pumpkin isn’t going to solve all your pet’s needs. It only provides a more affordable way to pay for care, medications, surgery, and special diet. Making prevention and care of your pet’s health accessible and helping you navigate the way towards keeping your pet healthy all year long is our top priority.

How can Pumpkin help you afford and navigate your pets health and wellness needs?

  • Prioritizes preventive care
  • Prioritizes routine medications
  • Helps you afford a special diet
  • Afford important vaccines
  • Afford dental care
  • Helps you know treatment options

Since we love pets just as much as you do we understand what its like to be overwhelmed with differing options in treatment, insurance coverage, and the extras that come with a vet visit.

After the vet visit, you may still need help understanding your pet’s new treatment or special food. And we can always help you understand this by connecting you to the latest data and informed healthcare decisions.

Data Driven Decisions Equal Lower Cost

At Pumpkin, we all believe in using the power of new data to save you money on your pet’s healthcare and wellbeing. Your cat may need a new diet to control her weight or medical condition. 

Individualized care is the way of the future for pets and people alike, we’re here to help you navigate the world of upcoming options for your cat or dog’s wellbeing.

How can data driven decisions save you money on pet health and wellbeing?

  • Personalized care for your cat or dog
  • Predict future healthcare needs
  • Improve health outcomes in all areas of life
  • Support veterinarian care and diagnostics
  • Improves routine care
  • Sharing our expertise with the rest of the pet world

The best way to protect your pet from injury and illness is being ready to provide healthcare when they need it most. And our expertise can prove much of the care your pet needs now and in the future. Don’t let the unexpected break the bank, we can provide the care whenever your pet needs it most.