Online Book-Selling Marketplace for College Textbooks Launched

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A new online academic book selling marketplace has been launched, called BookDeal. They aim to streamline the sales process for students looking to sell their old textbooks.

BookDeal has launched a new platform for students wanting to sell their no-longer-used college textbooks for the best price. It offers an easy-to-use system to optimize the selling process and connect students to verified buyers.

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The newly launched marketplace aims to meet the need for a streamlined book selling platform online. It’s designed to offer a simple platform where students can easily and safely sell their used school books to trusted online bookstores.

A common challenge facing students when they graduate or move on to a new course is what to do with their old textbooks. Students are often told by their campus bookstore that their textbooks don’t have value if a new edition is available.

However, BookDeal explains that this isn’t always the case. Some professors still use older editions of the same book, and previous editions can be used for multiple semesters following the release of the new edition.

Furthermore, it’s usually the case that the new edition has only minimal changes. For this reason, the demand for previous editions can still be high – especially when the book is difficult to find in the first place.

Now, through the newly launched BookDeal platform, it’s easier for students to sell their unwanted books. This is also a chance for them to earn additional income, which can help them to deal with the post-school transition into the working world.

The student-friendly website offers to buy older and new edition textbooks through its easy online sales system. Multiple payment options are available, including PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

One of the core benefits of the platform for students is that it makes it easy to find the highest offer. The team at BookDeal does the admin work for the client. Furthermore, there are existing deals already in place with trustworthy buyers. Students just have to enter their book’s ISBN and see what offers are available.

The BookDeal team states: ”Once you’re satisfied with the offer, ship your books for free to the book buyer. Their user friendly website tracks your order for you.”

Full details of the sales service can be found on the URL above.