Atlanta GA Home Remodeling Contractors Kitchen Design Trends Report Released

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Home remodeling company EV Remodeling, Inc. from Atlanta released a report on the latest kitchen design trends of 2020. The report talks about new kitchen design aesthetics such as warm colors, stone backsplashes and floating islands.

Atlanta, Georgia home design and remodeling company EV Remodeling, Inc. released a report about this year’s latest kitchen design trends. The business specializes in bathroom, kitchen and home additions design services.

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The purpose of the report is to inform prospective customers around the Atlanta area of the latest in 2020 kitchen remodeling trends and ideas. Remodeling one’s home may prove to be difficult without proper guidance from the experts. Hoping to lend some design inspiration, EV Remodeling, Inc. released their 2020 Atlanta kitchen remodeling trends report.

According to the report, popular kitchen trends in 2020 include warmer colors such as browns, deep oranges and dark yellows. Warm colors lend a homey feel to any space. This can be achieved by incorporating dark stained cabinets or hardwood floors to one’s kitchen.

Unlike the subway tile trend a few years back, people are now turning to big stone slab backsplashes. Beyond the function of aesthetics, stone slab backsplashes are easier to clean and is heatproof which makes it functional and suitable for cooking areas.

Open shelving is one of the most useful kitchen trends of 2020, according to EV Remodeling’s report. Not only does it make it easier to find things around the kitchen, it also minimizes clutter and lends a clean and streamlined design.

According to the remodeling experts, range hoods are also one of the new trends in Atlanta kitchens. Not only do they serve the practical purpose of preventing smoke from spreading into the home while cooking, it adds a contemporary look while protecting kitchen cabinets from heat and moisture damage.

Lastly, floating kitchen islands are an exciting addition to these kitchen ideas. These gravity-defying center counter tops impart a modern touch to any kitchen. This design may be achieved by bolting the island onto the floor on one side and not in the other which creates the illusion that it is floating.

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