Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Uses For Food Drink Safety Guide Launched

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Oneness Labs has launched a new guide explaining the use of chlorine dioxide to treat drinking water and the benefits of doing so. The guide is well suited for anyone wanting to keep drinking water clean and safe.

A new guide has been launched by Oneness Labs focusing on treating tap water with chlorine dioxide in order to make it safe drinking water. The guide goes into detail on what treating tap water with chlorine dioxide does and why it is recommended in certain places where the water source is questionable.

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The new guide has been launched with a view to providing practical insights into the uses for chlorine dioxide. Readers will find that chlorine dioxide can be used to treat tap water in order to prevent harmful bacteria and other microorganisms entering the body.

This is due to the fact that chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial agent in water. In addition to this, it is fairly common for chlorine dioxide to also be used as an antimicrobial agent in poultry, as well as being used for washing fruit and vegetables.

Moreover, chlorine dioxide also has various other uses, for instance it can also be used to remove unpleasant odors and tastes from food and drink items. Readers will discover that it is beneficial to kill algae and bacteria that produce these bad tastes and odors and chlorine is even used in certain hygiene products including mouthwashes and dentistry products.

The guide goes on to explain that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that chlorine dioxide use with water treatment makes water safe for drinking. In addition to this, the United States EPA explains that when chlorine dioxide is used to treat water, it helps to destroy bacteria, viruses and some parasites.

Readers will discover that in addition to being used to help treat drinking water, remove odors and remove bad tastes, chlorine dioxide is also used in the medical sector. The guide details that chlorine dioxide helps to sterilize medical equipment and laboratory equipment, surfaces, rooms and tools.

There is research that suggests that in the appropriate concentrations, chlorine dioxide is not only safe to use, but is also effective at eliminating certain bacteria in medical environments.

Oneness Labs is a company dedicated to clean water and products that help create clean drinking water. The company started in 2008 and a portion of the proceeds go to non-profit projects in the Amazon.

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