Organic Vegan Soap Non-GMO Bathing Shampoo Moisturizing Product Launched

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A new organic vegan soap product has been launched by Scoop Marketplace. It’s an all-in-one natural solution that offers moisturizing qualities, can be used for bathing, shaving, and shampoo.

Scoop Marketplace has launched a new vegan soap and shampoo bar for customers looking for handcrafted, all-natural health and wellness products. It’s designed to soothe dry, itchy skin and is made completely from shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

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The newly launched product is an all-in-one soap that provides customers with an organic and nourishing alternative to traditional options. Because it is made through a cold process, it preserves the properties of the raw, organic oils, leading to a more moisturizing final product.

For customers seeking a soft, eco-friendly soap for baths and showers, The Scoop Marketplace recommends this vegan soap. It can be used for bathing, shaving, and as a shampoo for added convenience.

The newly launched soap products is called Suds of Love, and is made in an old-fashioned way that dates back to the Babylonian era. It’s fully cruelty free, has no palm oil, and is environmentally friendly.

One of the benefits of the traditional creation method is that each bar of soap is completely unique. No shortcuts are taken in the production process, meaning the bars are hand cut and air dried over two months.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Suds of Love is made with the finest organic, vegan, and raw oils and with no extra additives. Only fresh filtered spring water for saponification, so it leaves no residue of chemicals, chlorine, or fluoride in the finished product. This all creates a bar of soap that is blissfully pure, mild, and truly moisturizing!”

Scoop Marketplace is a zero-waste grocery store where customers are able to bring their reusable containers to scoop as much as they want from the package-free food, home goods and personal care products available.

With a focus on old, traditional methods of shopping, they strive to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their customers. They are passionate about teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives while reducing their impact on the planet.

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