Bettendorf IA Health Coaching Holiday Fitness Training Services Launched

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Health and wellness coach Pam Klim of Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim announces updated services to help clients keep fit and work towards New Year goals whilst still enjoying the holiday season.

Health and wellness coach Pam Klim of Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim announces updated services offering support and guidance for clients wanting to make a strategic plan to navigate the holidays successfully and come out ahead of the game for 2021.

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This latest announcement aims to help people work towards fitness goals for the New Year without feeling deprived of the fun, food and relaxation of the holiday season.

Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim offers teaching on a sustainable healthy lifestyle by targeting nutrition, fitness, and quality sleep. She helps to establish attainable & sustainable goals and embraces a progress over perfection mindset, allowing people to make healthier lifestyle choices easily and without abstaining from the enjoyable things in life.

Pam Klim also offers expert leadership and coaching in developing and maintaining optimal health through increased training performance, personalized nutrition plans and nutrition and fitness DNA testing.

Pam Klim says, “When we begin focusing on creating new, healthy habits, the focus on ‘weight’ and the scale begin to diminish. I don’t buy into ‘dieting,’ and only measuring ‘weight’ as a means of determining success in results. The measurement on the scale does not give a true indication of the important things like our overall physical health & wellness.”

This latest announcement is in line with Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim’s commitment to achieving sustainable results for clients according to their individual needs and assisting them on their wellness journey.

Pam Klim has more than seventeen years of experience helping people reach their fitness goals in a healthy and balanced way. She has developed a strong reputation for achieving positive and sustainable results, as indicated by her client feedback.

A happy client said, “When I am looking for wisdom in health, whether it be physical health, spiritual health or financial health, Pam is one of the very first people I’ll seek to find that wisdom.”

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