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Service First Permits Has Gone National!

Construction companies and property owners need to complete several government formalities before working on a project. They need to develop a detailed plan that lives up to local building code requirements and then submits them to their city’s building department for approval.

This process can be complicated and time-consuming, despite many departments attempting to simplify it to improve compliance. In such cases, national permit expediting services can come in handy.

Service First Permits is an expediting agency that was founded in 2009 by Andrew Fairbairn. The company is now one of the leading permit expediting and management agencies in the US. A dedicated team of experienced professionals covers every aspect of permit application and approval, helping clients get through the process quickly.

Service First Permits is Now Offering National Electronic Building Permit Submittal Services

SFP has a strong presence in Colorado and California, but they have now started to help clients throughout the US. Their Nationwide Electronic Submittal service is available in all 50 states and is convenient to use. The company began offering electronic submittal back in 2015. However since the onset of Covid 19 they have begun expanding nationally to help reduce person to person contact.

Managing permit application nationwide can be tricky. Different States and counties have different requirements and regulation. A permit won’t go through if the applicant doesn’t fulfill all of the necessary requirements. SFP does their due diligence, thoroughly investigating the application process to ensure nothing is missing from their packet. They submit applications to programs and jurisdictions like:

  • Accela
  • MobilEyes
  • E-Track
  • CivicPlus
  • EnerGov
  • CitizenAccess

The company provides oversight of the entire review process so clients can track the application’s progress at any time. Reliable national permit expediting services can reduce stress levels and allow property owners to focus on their projects.

Service First Permits offers National Permitting Services for a Variety of Different Projects

Different types of building projects have specific requirements. The planning and permit approval process can vary from one client to another. SFP has worked with a wide range of clients on diverse projects. They bring this experience to the table on every assignment. They offer national permit expediting services in:

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Food and drink
  • Mixed-use and group-up
  • Office
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Institutional occupancy and medical centers

The process used in food and drink buildings like bars or cafes isn’t like medical facilities or rehab centers. Many business owners struggle to find permit application information related to their specific project.

Why Would Someone Hire a National Services Provider Like SFP?

Building projects involve substantial financial investment. Most property owners want to reduce costs wherever they can and aren’t inclined to spend money on additional services. However, hiring national permit expediting services like SFP can help save time and money. Professional permit managers or expediters understand the process well. They have submitted hundreds of applications on a wide range of projects.

They are familiar with the everyday hurdles or pitfalls in the application process. For example, experts know what kinds of plans are sent back to the applicant with corrections. They will make sure the client’s projects live up to the local department’s requirements and double-check for errors.

Many property owners don’t realize that DIY applications can be more expensive, especially if they have never done it before. Every time the plan is sent back with corrections, the client must make the changes and then go through a new permit application process. They will need to pay the fee again and wait for a few days or even weeks to get a permit.

A DIY application is usually a waste of time and money as it can delay projects and distress, construction teams. Most experienced builders and project managers understand the value of getting permits quickly.

SFP works with a team of designers and architects through out the application process. They assess plans submitted by the client carefully to determine if there are any code violations or flaws. If they don’t find anything, the plans are then sent to the issuing authority along with any other forms or paperwork they need. Building owners or construction teams don’t need to be a part of this process, which means they can focus on more important factors.

What’s Included in National Permit Expediting Services?

Many people don’t know much about permit expediting services and often misunderstand what a company like Service First Permits does. Permit expediting/management is the process of creating an application packet for a client, double-checking their building plans to ensure they live up to code, submitting the packet, and then collecting the permit when it is approved. That’s the basics of what an expediter does.

The process involves:

  • Comprehensive Project Scope Assessment
  • Customized Permitting Strategy
  • Submittal to all Pertinent Jurisdictions
  • Project Tracking and Predictive Timeline Tools
  • Assist Design Teams with Form and Content
  • Oversight of Your Project through all Reviews
  • Coordination of Jurisdiction Comments and Responses
  • Permit Issuance to the General Contractor

This service is comprehensive and designed to reduce the time it takes to get a permit in hand.

A permit expediting company like Service First Permits handles the application from start to finish. They even collect the permit as soon as it is available, ensuring that it doesn’t have a chance to expire. Expired documents are not valid unless the owner gets an extension, so they will have to go through the application once again.

Comprehensive national permit expediting services don’t just save time and money but also give clients more control over their project timeline. They can track the application progress and prepare construction teams or material delivery accordingly.

The convenience of Electronic National Permit Expediting Services

Electronic application services cut down on time, costs, and effort. It is easy to scan all plans, fill out an online form, and submit the application packet. There’s no need to make multiple trips to the local building department, and it is easier to track a digital document trail.

Service First Permits makes the process faster and more efficient by providing a planned permit application strategy and comprehensive assistance at every step.

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