Austin TX Solar Company Panel Cleaning Repair Maintenance Services Launched

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The best of Austin’s solar panel maintenance companies, Solar Service, has launched its post-installation services for the cleaning, repair, and reinstallation of solar panel systems.

Solar Service, a local solar company in Austin, Texas, has launched a unique service focused on the maintenance and repair of solar power systems.

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The recently launched service is aimed at meeting the needs of solar power system owners following the initial installation.

Solar Service recognizes that the purchase of solar power systems is an expensive investment that require the attention of trained professionals with solar electrical expertise to keep them running well for longer.

Often, solar panel owners are informed that their systems require little maintenance post-installation when in fact there are a number of problems that may arise, from data issues to general electrical wear and tear.

The majority of these issues are the effect of neglecting to clean the solar cells, as a build up of dirt results in the panels producing less power and experiencing costly long term component breakdown and, eventually, system failure.

Solar Service offers a long-term service membership to its Austin solar customers. This service includes the deployment of a licensed electrician twice a year to inspect, clean, and make any necessary repairs at a discounted price of up to 20 percent. This solar monitoring is a proactive approach to ensuring solar power system owners are satisfied with their investment.

Solar Service also offer a number of other maintenance services, including home sale transaction assistance, system orientation and education, warranty assistance, monitoring system installation, and critter guard installation. They also specialize in the removal and reinstallation of solar panel systems.

This service is specifically aimed at customers who require a temporary removal of their solar panels in circumstances such as re-roofing or home renovation. This is a unique service for which Solar Service’s electricians and teams, who are constantly interacting with a great variety of solar hardware and products, are professionally trained for.

Solar Service are recognized as the official and exclusive solar panel cleaning and repair partner for Texas. A spokesperson for the company said: “When you call us, you’re getting the best practices of a decade’s worth of solar installations from throughout the state”

Interested parties can find more information at the above mentioned website, or by contacting +1-877-230-4606.