Galveston Island TX Restaurant Tours Things To Do Food And Drink Packages Launch

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Visitors and locals in Galveston Texas can now take advantage of the New walking food restaurant tours by Taste Of The Strand. Family focus or adult alcohol pairing tours have up to 5 time slots daily from Thursday & Friday through the weekend.

‘Taste Of The Strand’ announced the launch of their new updated walking ‘Tapas on the Strand’ food tours dedicated to give something for every palate with a wide variety of food and alcohol based drink pairings in downtown Galveston, Texas. The event gives island visitors the chance to sample a variety of local eateries, shop offerings, and tourist attractions over the course of a two-plus-hour walking tour.

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Taste of the Strand offers Galveston Island tourists a selection of food and drink walking tours through a district of Texas recognized as a US National Historic Landmark. A number of restaurants, local shops, tasting locations, and for adults over age 21, a Tapas on the Strand alcohol pairing with food at every stop, wine bars and pubs are also set to participate soon.

The launch of Tapas & Taste of the Strand is geared toward tourists looking to sample multiple restaurant menus and district attractions all in one outing. Visitors and those new to the island can use the event as a way of learning where to return for further exploration and repeat dining.

Parties can choose from family-friendly packages, food and drink pairings, or group and corporate packages. All tours are professionally hosted. All food, drink and restaurant gratuity expenses are covered by ticket prices. Automatic discounts are applied to seniors, veterans, firefighters, EMS, teachers and law enforcement personnel.

A spokesperson for the event says that Taste of the Strand is compliant with pandemic mandates. If restaurants are open for dining, tours will be available for booking.

Taste of, & Tapas of the Strand operates weekly from Thursdays to Sundays. Those interested in attending are advised to book their tickets early – packages sell out quickly. Those wishing to participate in the ‘Tapas’ food and alcoholic beverages pairing tours, or pub tours, are asked to arrange for their own transportation back to their lodgings.

All tours move at a comfortable pace and can sometimes carry on beyond established time frames. For this reason, the event is not recommended for children under twelve. Due to crowds and tight spaces in the establishments the tour visits, strollers and wheelchairs can not be accommodated.

Tickets for Taste of the Strand can be booked online at the URL above and a range of photos taken on the tours can be viewed at this link