Santa Clara CA Video Marketing Animated Cartoon Explainer Services Launched

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A professional video marketing company in Santa Clara, California has launched animated video services for local businesses in the area. Complimentary consultations are now being booked.

The Explainer Video Company in Santa Clara, California has launched a video marketing service that specializes in videos that are animated. Animated videos have a much higher conversion ratio and tend to have more engagement from viewers.

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The Explainer Video Company has launched this professional animated video service to assist local Santa Clara businesses to get their message out to their customers. The use of animated videos allows companies to dramatically and graphically illustrate their message with images that stick in the minds and hearts of the viewers.

By clearly communicating to viewers in Santa Clara exactly what is on offer by a company, The Explainer Video Company hopes to stimulate the local Santa Clara business community. This area has lost many small and local businesses and those that remain are encouraged to contact this animated video producer to see if their services can help them through this troubled period of the pandemic.

The artists and technicians at The Explainer Video Company sit down with each client and brainstorm about the message the client wants to communicate. A rough draft is created and then The Explainer Video Company creates customized animated characters that communicate to the ideal customer, client, or patient the precise message that results in the greatest amount of interaction.

This branding technique has proven to result in increasing brand awareness in a target audience and causes them to become customers, clients, or patients, and to also share the video with friends and family because the videos are unique and professionally created.

The Explainer Video Company has services that go beyond explainer videos. They have produced high converting animation videos that include full-length commercials, marketing videos, training videos, sales videos, and interactive video production.

Experts have stated that consumers are now more likely to engage with animated video content. By hiring a video animation specialist clients can be assured that they will receive compelling, customized marketing content that will boost their brand and increase search engine optimization rankings.

This professional video animation specialist provides an all-inclusive service with unlimited revisions at any stage. This means that the animation team continues to make video revisions until the client is completely satisfied. Clients can choose from any video animation style including cartoon animations, character animations, animated whiteboards, motion graphics, or live-action videos.

A company spokesperson explains, “The best marketing campaigns are about telling a story. More than ever, consumers crave connection and emotion. The team at The Explainer Video Company works closely with its clients to understand their brand until they can tell a meaningful story that engages their target audience.”

The team also understands that time is of the essence in the present pandemic crisis. They are dedicated to providing its clients with quality content with a fast turnaround on edits. For clients under a concrete deadline, these video marketing specialists will work 24/7 to complete a rush order. The Explainer Video Marketing company produces content across industries that include healthcare, technology, professional services, education, finance, retail, and manufacturing.

As this expert in explainer videos and more launches services in Santa Clara and the surrounding area, they invite owners and managers of all local businesses to contact them for a complimentary consultation.

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