Mercury; Artificial Intelligence Voice Platform For Equity Traders Launched

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A financial services firm has launched their second product, Mercury, which complements its unique platform designed to for equity traders that analyze the voices of executives to reveal alternative data.

A new product has been launched to complement the Helios platform aimed at equity traders and those who work within financial services. The Helios team explains that Mercury offers unprecedented access into the minds of speakers and what they really mean through bio-signals and voice analysis data provided as part of its platform.

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The newly launched Mercury product has been added to the Helios platform after years of research and development. The team explain Mercury is the seminal work of its Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gerwin Schalk in a bid to uncover what is not being revealed across thousands of equities. More details of the Helios offerings can be viewed at

From distress to deception, Mercury can reveal what is truly happening in any given financial space. A barometer for the financial well being and true meaning within spoken word. Last year, the team explain they launched the Helios Comprehend Voice Analytics tool, which enables quantitative researchers and firms to tap into the power of voice. This was the first time in the world an alternative data vendor provided this capability but it serves only the small marketplace of quants. Mercury changes everything.

It helps people to use the distinct quantitative voice characteristics extracted from people in earnings calls to add new and completely different alpha to stock prediction algorithms. This interpretive signal from voice combined with a powerful dashboard allows any investor, corporate and beyond to access the power of voice.

Helios and the team explain investors often base their decisions on the information they receive during earnings conference calls but can only rely upon the text for machine extraction. However, they explain that instead of focusing on the words being said, people should be concentrating on the tone of voice used when speaking as this is far more revealing. This untapped domain can support positions in the positive and negative direction.

For instance, an executive may sound nervous when making a positive statement in response to an unexpected or probing question. The team explains that while some people will focus on the positive language being used, the nervous tone may indicate the executive is not confident about the answer he is giving. This moment can be just what is necessary to make the right decisions.

A spokesperson for Helios said: “Comprehend in late 2019, and now Mercury before the close of 2020 offer investors a new way to analyze meaning using the true metric of human nature – the voice. Research shows tone of voice accounts for 38% of human communication and without it an entire domain of information is lost.”

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