Mac Hacks That Everyone Should Use

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( — December 3, 2020) — One of the most versatile and technologically advanced machines that we have in the market is perhaps the Mac. Using the Mac has become akin to a certain status symbol. No one wants to forego a chance to use a Mac product; such is the frenzy regarding the product. And if you think that the Mac is an overhyped product, you certainly could not have been more wrong. 

All the hype about the Mac products is for good enough reason. There are so many features included with the Mac, that it is almost impossible to master each one of them. However, if you are keen on learning most of these elements, you have come to the right place. This article shall shed light on some Mac hacks that every Mac user ought to know. Therefore, without any further ado, let us look into the details and make ourselves a worthy Mac user.

Mastering the Screenshot:

Taking a screenshot from any phone is perhaps the easiest task ever. However, some Mac users face issues with mastering this hack and if you check that you will know that this is because the way you take a screenshot on your Mac device is different from an Android device. Androids are easy enough to use. However, with Mac, even the easiest tasks come with complications. One such task is that of mastering the screenshot.

There are three different ways to take a screenshot on your Mac. Let us look into these three ways in the points below.

  1. Using Command + Shift + 4- This is the first method of taking a screenshot on your Mac. Use Command + Shift + 4 to get a crosshair that you can drag along the screen on your desired part to take a screenshot of the same.

  2. Using Command + Shift + 4 again- You can use the same command yet again at the same time and let go. Then hit the spacebar and take a screenshot of any window you want, along with the shadow.

  3. Using Command + Shift + 3- The final way to take a screenshot on your Mac is by using Command + Shift      + 3. This command is used to take the screenshot of your entire desktop.

Batch Renaming Files at the Same Time:

The second hack that we have for you is to batch rename files at the same time. It is not a difficult process to rename a single file on your Mac. However, when it comes to a batch, the process might become tricky. However, there are simple ways to rename files on your Mac at the same time. Here is one of the many ways that we have curated for you.

The first thing that you need to do is open Finder on your Mac and look for all the files that you want to rename. Next, you need to use Shift + Click to select your desired batch. Next, click the Action button. Once you click on the Action button, you shall get the option to Rename Items. Select Format and then select Name Format to rename your file. You shall be furnished with a Name Format box where you can enter your new file name. Next, you need to enter a number at the Start Numbers At box. Finally hit Rename. All your files shall be renamed at the same time.

Disabling Notifications:

Notifications are little trouble makers. Most of the notifications that you get on your Mac are of no use to you. But once those notifications are turned on, you get all such useless notifications along with the few important ones. 

However, there is a quick and easy way to filter out and disable your notifications. All you need to do is click on the Notification Center icon in the OS X Menu bar. Next, you need to turn on the Do Not Disturb or the DND in the Today tab.

If you want to go about the process quickly, you need to hold down the Option button on your keyboard. Click on the Notification Center icon in the Menu bar, and you will see that it will shade out. This signifies that the DND option has been turned on.

Cycling through Running Apps:

The last hack that we have for you is that of cycling through running apps. For this, you need to hit the Command + Tab keys on your keyboard. You shall be presented with a window. Here, you can hold the Command key and use the Tab key to cycle through apps. The app that you release the Command key on will be selected. You can continue with this process and keep cycling through different apps.

Wrapping Up:

These were some of the most quintessential hacks that you need to know of if you are to make the best out of your Mac. There are several more hacks that you can research about if you wish to learn more. However, if you were wondering where to begin with, these hacks shall suffice, and you can gradually branch out to gather more knowledge and experience about your Mac.