Essential Oils Christmas Holiday Gift Guide Aromatherapy DIY Recipes Launched

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Loving Essential Oils has launched holiday season gift guides for those looking for ideas for essential oils lovers in their lives. The Christmas gift guides suggest aromatherapy items to be used with oils and DIY recipes for homemade gifts for those not-so-familiar with essential oils.

Online company Loving Essential Oils has launched two gift guides in time for the holiday season to help shoppers choose the best aromatherapy Christmas presents for essential oil lovers, as well as create homemade gifts using simple DIY recipes.

The guide “20 Best Aromatherapy Gifts for Essential Oil Lovers” can be found at

The recently released guide, written by Jennifer Lane, certified aromatherapist and founder of Loving Essential Oils, explores handpicked gifts for essential oil lovers and users.

From essential oil cases to aromatherapy jewelry, the items included on the list are ones that Lane says she personally loves using with her essential oils, and she’s confident the gift recipient would enjoy them too.

Along with wooden storage containers for growing oil collections, the gift guide includes specific brand recommendations for carry cases, a stainless steel car essential oil diffuser, a metal display shelf, a small travel case, a diffuser bracelet and necklace, and unscented lotion to make a custom blend with oils. There are recommended starter sets of oils and an essential oil reference guide.

In addition to the gift guide, Lane also wrote “12 Best Essential Oil Christmas Gifts to DIY Free Recipe Guide,” which can be found here

She writes that the most thoughtful essential oil Christmas gifts are often the ones made with essential oils so that they can be fully enjoyed by the receiver. Unless they are a savvy essential oil user, they may not know how to use a bottle of oil on its own.

The recipes can be customized for the person receiving them, and are budget-friendly and all-natural. Lane also understands that some people may not be crafty and not want to take the DIY route, so along with each recipe, she provides an alternative brand suggestion.

The list includes recipes for body oils, which make for good presents as they’re ready to use, already diluted and take any guesswork out of it for the recipient. It also includes recipes for sugar scrubs, which act as an exfoliant, body butter, lip balm, bath salt, foot cream, beard oil, roller remedies, perfumes, soap bars, and body wash.

Loving Essential Oils offers a variety of aromatherapy supplies and other DIY essential oil recipes so that people can create their own natural products. Their tool kits, glass containers and bottles (including roll-on bottles and dropper bottles) can be ordered from their website, and used in combination with their variety of simple recipes to give customers natural essential oils.

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