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Wise Foundation, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency company based in Canada, has launched the Wise Token project. The crypto project offers the potential for value appreciation.

Wise Foundation, a decentralized finance crypto project that provides a way to earn cryptocurrency and grow income has launched its Wise Token project.

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The launch of Wise Token offers token holders the potential to earn cryptocurrency. The system allows for strong value appreciation with low risk and offers individuals the same profit potential, whether they are staking large amounts or small amounts.

Wise Token is available to reserve on the company’s website. Investors can access a 50-day launch period. During this launch, 50 million WISE will be distributed according to the amount of total ETH sent that day.

Investors can benefit from the Wise Stake function. The function allows token holders to ‘lock up’ their WISE for a period of days. The longer an investor stakes, the more interest they can earn. Investors have the option to access the interest at any time for no fee.

Sell Wise is also included as part of the launch. This function enables token holders to cash out instantly using Uniswap DEX. The WISE contract includes the creation of a pool of liquidity on Uniswap, featuring no KYC and the ability to swap from your private wallet.

As a part of the launch, the company is offering a special offer. Until December 30th, 2020 Wise tokens are offered on a reservation system at a competitive price.

Wise token purchasers who enter the project before December 30 will also receive a bonus of 10% off additional tokens when they reserve using the URL above.

From December 31st, 2020, the reserved tokens can be staked for up to 40 years. The company says the special offer will give token holders price appreciation over time and could provide an income for life.

Wise Foundation is a decentralized finance company based in Canada. They offer an alternative to conventional banking and pride themselves on being a liquidity transformer.

They have chosen 2020 to launch the Wise Token project as a result of low interest rates caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company prides itself on providing better investment opportunities than national and regional banking institutions.

The company considers itself at the forefront of blockchain technologies and says their main goal is developing and launching WISE for the benefit of the world.

More information on the launch of Wise Token project can be found via the link above.