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Birch Tree Care has has updated its commercial and residential tree care service in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company offers tree trimming, pruning, stump removal, and storm damage assistance.

Birch Tree Care has launched an updated range of commercial and residential tree care services in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company offers tree trimming, stump removal, and storm damage assistance.

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The newly updated service by Birch Tree Care leaves yards looking better than ever. During the Coronavirus pandemic, customers can still request a quote. The company vows to ensure the job is conducted in the safest way possible.

The company offers many tree care services to protect the health and beauty of trees. Its certified arborists will design a treatment plan to protect trees from insect infestations such as Emerald Ash Borer and Japanese Beetle. Staff will also develop a treatment plan to prevent diseases such as Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm. Prevention is critical to maintaining the long-term health of trees, and it is important to be proactive with treatments to prevent damaging infestations and diseases before they occur.

Birch Tree Care can provide root flare injections as a preventative measure to ensure elm trees are protected from Dutch Elm and Oak Wilt disease. The company’s arborists can also apply apple scab fungal sprays to treat and prevent the disease from harming apple trees. As well, the company offers deep root fertilization and other fertilization options for trees.

Birch Tree Care provides tree pruning and tree removal services for commercial and residential properties. The company also does stump removal and cabling support systems. Its team of arborists will safely complete the job while keeping the aesthetics of the trees in mind. It is important to prune trees when there are dead branches, trees encroaching on a house, or growing close to electrical wires.

Additionally, Birch Tree Care also offers storm damage assistance and can remove damaged trees, limbs, and branches. The company provides 24-hour clean-up assistance.

For a map of Birch Tree Care’s location, visit and for more information about the company, call 651-504-0533.