All-Terrain eScooter eBike Micro-Mobility Safe Commuting Transport Launched

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A new eScooter bike has been announced by the team at Alpine Riding. They offer a revolutionary new approach to electric transport for all terrain.

Alpine Riding has announced the launch of their new hybrid electric bike and scooter, called the A-Ride. It’s designed to be a versatile and powerful eScooter with industry-leading performance to make riding on two wheels safe and accessible.

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The eScooter and eBike space has experienced a boom in recent years, and even more so in the past 9 months since Covid-19 has become a daily reality globally. Major names like Rad Power Bikes, are performing well. Similarly, Last Mile Holdings has experienced large growth through 2020 as it seeks to consolidate the micro-mobility space.

Last Mile Holdings is a technology-driven micro-mobility company that designs and manages turnkey solutions for a wide range of clients. Their focus is on reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions through the provision and smooth operation of eBikes and scooters.

Meanwhile, Electrica Mecannica is redefining the electric vehicle movement with its Solo car. They explain that 119 million North Americans commute using personal vehicles every year, and 105 million do this alone. With this in mind, Solo is gaining traction as an optional solution.

The newly launched A-Ride represents a unique opportunity in the EV space because there’s nothing like it in North America. With the EV space booming, the A-Ride is positioned to become the most in-demand eScooter in the industry.

The newly launched standup crossover (eBike/eScooter Hybrid) provides customers with a more affordable and versatile solution to their transport needs. Previously electric bikes and scooters have been expensive gadgets that are out of reach for many customers. The bespoke A-Ride is built to bridge the gap as the only e-option you will ever need!

With the A-Ride, the company aims to bring electric scooter transport within easier reach of customers. It’s an all-season, all-terrain bike that delivers a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Because the A-Ride is built for off-road riding as well as pavements, customers can take their A-Ride anywhere they want to go. It’s built to last with a custom aluminum frame, and powered by a 1,000W geared hub motor.

This gives it a 50+ – mile range, making it well suited to safe riding in the city, whether for sightseeing or commuting. Due to the robust design of the wheels and the sturdy frame, customers can also take the eScooter for a ride in the woods, on the beaches, or in the mountains.

A-Ride is the world’s first full-suspension, all-terrain eScooter designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Interested parties can subscribe to the company newsletter to keep updated with the latest information and ensure they don’t miss out on launch.

Company’s founder and CEO, Audric Lacour, states: “Our focus is on a high end product, quality parts and the fact that the A-Ride is the ONLY e-bike you will need to buy. It’s built to last. It’s an all-in-one. It goes from your weekday reliable commuter to weekend warrior fun. And get ready to turn a lot of heads by being the first to drive the A-Ride around town.”

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