How Extra Tutoring Can Help Prepare Children for More Challenging Careers

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( — December 8, 2020) — As parents, it’s easy to begin to worry about what your child’s future holds. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated those worries with concerns over whether or not your children are getting the most out of online and remote learning.

While your child may have previously shined in the classroom setting, they may be finding it hard to keep up from afar, or they may be distracted by the flaws with remote learning. It’s important to understand that a need for tutoring is not failing. It’s you and your child admitting that you need a helping hand to better understand a subject. Getting extra help now could help guide your kids to a brighter future later in life.

Finding The Right Tutor

Of course, at-home tutoring or after-school sessions provided by teachers are right now on pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It leaves you wondering, is there any way to access math tutors near me? There are several online outlets that provide tutoring in a variety of subjects ranging from elementary and middle school math to SAT prep and advanced calculus. Through Zoom or Skype sessions, a tutor can take a step-by-step approach by first understanding your child’s fluency with the subject matter. By greater assessing what they do understand, it can set up a better starting ground for your student, rather than forcing them to relearn what they already know at someone else’s pace.

These interactive sessions also allow for tutors to evaluate a student’s work in real-time through various assignments, worksheets, and quizzes. This one-on-one approach also allows for your student to be the sole focus of the session, not having to worry about raising hands and feeling pressured to say they have an understanding when they truly aren’t as fluent as they would like to be. Conducting these sessions through apps also works for most children, considering their level of fluency when it comes to computers and apps.

The right online learning database will also make sure that the subject matter your child is struggling with is something that this tutor is an expert in. Plus, tutors will cater to your child’s availability after class, rather than the other way around, which is far more common when hiring an in-person instructor to give your child a leg up.

Extra help is an extra boost.

One-on-one sessions with a tutor are actually a great first glimpse at learning real-world situations. Students will get an understanding of transparency when working with an instructor. Tutors that are straightforward about the positives and negatives of a student’s work lets a child understand how interactions take place in a workplace, where good work is commended, while issues are brought forward with an understanding as to where things went askew. At the same time, poor work effort and lack of ability have their repercussions.

Beyond offering this constructive feedback, tutors keep lesson plans personal, showing students the importance of a personal touch in their life of work that makes a client feel as though you are their lone and sole focus. This can equate to how to interact in a workplace at varying levels such as with clients, with superiors, peers, and even those lower in the hierarchy.

Tutoring, in its own right, is a great step into a career in marketing, as word of mouth and advertising of services are what propel instructors to book sessions. If they have success stories and plans available, it is even greater for their brand.


Tutoring can lead to career paths.

With extra help sessions, a student can certainly get themselves a leg up on the competition within the classroom. However, tutors can also provide insight into just what learning a subject can do for the next step in their lifetime.

For example, if an English tutor notices that their student has truly flourished in understanding grammar, they can help them look into writing, editing, or even journalism as potential career fronts. In some cases, tutors have found that students with an affinity for history and politics could be better suited to a career in political science or possibly venturing into education themselves. Tutors may be also teaching a certain subject matter but notice through personal interaction, that a student has a yearning to learn about something beyond the required readings and assignments of their class schedule.

Tutors and instructors are always learning as they go throughout their career, which is something that they instill into their students. It is never too late to learn. Whether you are pursuing a doctorate later in life or attending law school in your 30s, there is never a time where expanding your education should be shunned upon.


Tutoring At Any Stage

While many people assume that tutoring is restricted to just the elementary, middle, and high school levels, tutoring at the collegiate level will help a struggling student stand out in a pool of his fellow candidates in a given major.

University tutoring can help guide a student to better job opportunities upon graduation or grad programs to take their education to the next level. Employers and graduate programs may not put too much emphasis on a degree or what schools you have attended, but they will pay close attention to your grade point average. A prospect who is fresh off the Dean’s List will definitely stand out over someone with lackluster grades.

Better grades also translate into greater scholarship opportunities. It is recommended for high school students entering college to try and pursue as many grants and scholarships as to have the greatest possible impact on limiting their future debts. However, scholarships and other fiduciary opportunities are available throughout collegiate education and are also available when pursuing graduate program opportunities.

A tutoring regimen could also help pursue other ventures in education. For example, a junior college student aspiring for greater places in higher education may try to ramp up their efforts at that level to get into the four-year academy of their dreams. Most universities accept transfer students on the basis of their college scores and GPA, along with their research and extracurricular activities. It is extremely rare that colleges and universities take into account a prospective transfer student’s efforts at the high school level.

Beyond having to focus on education, don’t be afraid to have fun during college. Creating friendships and bonds that last a lifetime can not only create amazing memories, but it could create great bonds in the working world. John Foresi, the CEO and co-founder of Venterra Realty, teamed up with Andrew Stewart after years of friendship and business relationship to forge the path for their leading real estate company. It is forging bonds through similar thought processes and principles that have helped build Venterra from just four apartment communities to a multi-family housing corporation with over 26 thousand people in their dwelling in fourteen major U.S. cities. Keep in mind, Venterra is only 19 years old.

Tutoring is the best measure to provide peace of mind for any student seeking to learn and gain fluency in a subject matter to better succeed. Students that are better prepared for a test or quiz won’t be forced to commit to all-nighters, and can actually rest feeling confident that they can succeed.