Palm Desert CA Gold Bullion Themed Contemporary Art Collection Launched

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Elena Bulatova Fine Art has announced the introduction of its latest artwork collection from featured artist David Mir. It includes a choice of nine different artworks, representing 10kg pure gold bars coupled with iconic style brands.

Renowned contemporary art gallery Elena Bulatova Fine Art have launched their new collection, “Gold Bars by David Mir”. The artworks are made to represent pure 999.9 solid gold bars of 10kg with logos representing world-leading style and automotive brands.

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A choice of nine different works of art make up the collection, which are available now for $2,700 online or from their galleries. The online gallery also offers a wide range of other stylish modern and contemporary artworks, which can be delivered nationwide.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art was founded by world-renowned artist Elena Bulatova. She opened her first gallery to display her own work in Palm Springs.

The galleries have since expanded to showcase a wide range of outstanding new contemporary art in three more galleries situated in Laguna Beach, Palm Desert and Las Vegas. They also showcase their complete range of contemporary art on their online store.

Their curated collections feature pieces from David Mir, Guillermo Forchino, EB Studios, Efi Mashiah, and Elena Bulatova herself amongst a wide range of striking and collectible artworks to suit all contemporary tastes and budgets.

“Gold Bars by David Mir” represents an artistic statement of the investment opportunities provided by rising gold prices during the global pandemic. Research shows that gold values have continued to rise as investors diversify their investments in the global market downturn.

Bank of America analysts have forecasted that gold will rally 80% over the next 18 months as central-bank stimulus and a tumultuous financial market drive interest.

The collection also associates the juxtaposition of high-value gold with exclusive high-end brand names such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Rolls Royce. Other iconic names include Tiffany, Chanel, Gucci, and Rolex.

This is the latest collection from David Mir to be curated by Elena Bulatova Fine Art. Also available on their website is a collection featuring iconic images on spray paint cans.

Other popular collections include the distinctive lollipop and popsicle series by Elena Bulatova. These stylish artworks are crafted in resin and acrylic and feature a melting lollipop or popsicle, available in a range of sizes and vibrant colors.

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