Strong Core Activation Post Natal Health Exercise Fitness Program Launched

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One Core Program announced that a new 14-day strong core activation exercise guide is now available for new mothers looking to reduce belly fat after a C-section.

One Core Program announced that a new 14-day strong core activation exercise guide to flatten the stomach after a C-section. This program helps clients regain their core in a targeted and effective way.

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The newly launched core activation exercise guide at One Core Program aims to help clients lose abdominal fat, tone their muscles, and flatten their stomachs after a C-section.

A C-section is a major surgery, and it can change a person’s body and especially their core muscles in drastic ways. As it impacts the body and pelvic organs, rest, recovery and gentle exercise is incredibly important.

After this surgery, one can start doing certain exercises to restore their abdominal wall and strengthen their core.

One Core Program offers a no-cost 14-day strong core activation exercise guide for those looking to recover and heal after any major surgery. This guide covers the most important exercises to help new mothers feel the muscles again and engage them.

In addition, this core activation challenge has both physical and mental benefits. Physically, one will reduce back ache, neck, shoulder and hip pain, and improve posture and digestion.

From a mental health perspective, new mothers will feel calmer, happier and more body confident as the endorphin hormones are released with the exercise.

These postnatal exercises at One Core Program can be a crucial part of recovering after delivery. When done right, they will help to speed healing by supporting and strengthening one’s muscles and bones.

A satisfied client said: “I’m 34 and have two very energetic little boys and I started having severe low back and hip pain. Once I started the One Core Program, I had 100% relief within 24 hours. It was at that time I realized I had been in pain since the birth of my first child, who was almost 5. I finally felt the way a 34 year old should feel and it was fantastic.”

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