Home Gym All-In-One Resistance Training Commercial Grade Fitness Tool Launched

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A newly launched home workout fitness device has been launched, called the CorePump Machine. It’s designed to offer the optimal home workout with Smart Resistance.

A newly launched home gym machine has been launched, called the CorePump. It’s a full-body commercial-grade gym that takes up less space than any other home gym in the world, at 2 foot by 2 foot.

More information can be found at: http://www.corepump.com

The newly launched home gym solution is designed to meet the ever-increasing need for an effective home workout. It aims to meet the four core components of a fitness regimen, with a view to improving cardiovascular health, strength, core and flexibility.

CorePump safely, effectively and efficiently meets these goals with cutting-edge functionality. With its small footprint, it’s able to fit almost anywhere in the home, giving customers flexibility in their workout routine.

The small form factor means that even those who have busy schedules are able to implement efficient workouts. Because it’s easy to handle, a 10-minute window in the day can be enough for a total-body workout.

Over 66 possible handle positions are available, and there are 6 settings of Smart Resistance. In addition to this, the adjustable platform allows for a wide-ranging and varied selection of possible movements and workouts.

One of the primary benefits of the machine is that it doesn’t need electricity to operate. It’s also quiet when in use, so it doesn’t disturb the rest of the household.

The versatile hydraulic home gym provides resistance ranging from 10 to 120 pounds, and the sturdy construction is built with durability in mind.

Because the machine uses Smart Resistance, it automatically and continuously adjusts to the strength and speed output of the individual. It also uses Isokinetic resistance to provide a workout twice as hard as traditional machines, without the delayed-onset muscle soreness that can often accompany a conventional session.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Smart Resistance also allows you to go all out without the jerky movements that accompany typical resistance training, providing immense aerobic as well as anaerobic health benefits.”

The workout machine is available in Tuxedo Black, Crimson Red, Gunmetal Grey, and Violet Purple. Full details can be found on the URL above.