Support of Black-Owned Business Community Growth Page Launched

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A new directory for supporting black-owned businesses has been launched. I Love BoB is a movement to build generational wealth and prosperity for small businesses.

I Love Black Owned Businesses (BoB) has launched a new directory encouraging black-owned businesses to sign up to increase their online presence and brand awareness. The page is designed to so that Friends of Bob (FOB) can find a wider range of products and services to choose from.

More information can be found at:

Black-owned businesses are able to sign up for the platform at to showcase their company to a wider audience. A link to sign up for the national directory can be found there as well. It’s also a proven way for FOBs to find more products and services to buy.

I Love BoB is a movement to build generational wealth and prosperity for small businesses. Buying from black-owned businesses is important for a variety of reasons, but one of the primary factors is that it also helps to support black communities.

History shows that society is driven by small businesses and entrepreneurs, and supporting black-owned businesses is a reliable way of creating more opportunities and fostering growth.

Buying from black-owned businesses can strengthen local communities and lead to more jobs being created. The practice can also help to celebrate black culture.

Many black-owned businesses are created to bring access to services that the local community needs. Others are inspired by the richness of African American culture. Supporting black-owned business through the I Love BoB movement highlights and amplifies this.

Full details of the new page can be found on Join us to engage your network, drive collaboration, stay up to date on business news and to share best practices.

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