Laguna Beach CA Fine Art Studio Contemporary Modern Vibrant Collection Launched

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A fine art gallery based in Laguna Beach, CA has launched several new collections to brighten its clients’ homes. Elena Bulatova Fine Art offers thought-provoking vibrant contemporary pieces.

A fine art curator, artist, and gallerist has launched a new contemporary vibrant collection called the Sweet Life Series. The team at the Elena Bulatova Fine Art gallery explain that before purchasing pieces, clients are asked to consider the artwork they are instantly attracted to as art should be engaging.

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The newly launched collection includes different size popsicles and lollipops designed to look like they are melting. The team explain they are inspired by Claes Oldenburg’s Dropped Cone and have gained attention around the world as oversized versions of the sculptures are exhibited in hotels and other corporate settings.

Vibrant, glittery, and ombre color options are available to decorate the home as the team explain the series is designed to add an element of fun to everyday living. Each piece is unique, and a certificate of authenticity is provided to customers to give them peace of mind.

Elena Bulatova also offers access to her Wall Street Journal Series, which includes the juxtaposition of superheroes overlaid on top of articles from the news outlet. The team explain the WSJ reports all events around the world including negative news that people constantly face.

Superheroes are designed to highlight the superhuman powers, abilities, and skills unavailable to the average person. They add that globalization brings people together, instantly connecting them with the news regardless of their location, and although many positive changes have been made, people cannot solve all the problems civilization encounters each year.

Superheroes possess supernatural powers that give people hope for future solutions and offer optimism during hard times. The uplifting pieces are designed to stand out while creating intrigue and curiosity that leads to conversations.

A spokesperson said: “Elena loves vibrant colors, as part of her Sweet Life Series she started by using solid colors but now offers an ombre effect across the range. The Elena Bulatova Fine Art gallery is one of the premier global destinations specializing in cutting-edge international contemporary art in all media, both for savvy collectors and those newer to the art world.”

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